Friday, 23 February 2018

2018 Family Friendly Festivals in Kent & East Sussex

I need to look forward to sunnier times and happy events we have coming up this year.  This winter has sucked since the new year with illness after illness in our household and it's getting me down.  Big time.  I am running on empty.  Lack of sleep and work stress aren't helping so I need some things to look forward to and as we're attending a few festivals this year, I thought I'd do a little round up of what's on!  If there are any we don't have listed below, please let me know, we're always looking for new adventures to try!  We'll be attending all of these below and I can't wait!

You can read my reviews below of each of the ones we've been to previously and check out how much fun we had and what to expect.  Here's a list in consecutive order with the first one being in just over a week! 

Some of these are free events and I also have some tickets to give away for a couple of these so watch out over the next few months - make sure you're following Olive Dragonfly on Facebook and Instagram so you don't miss out!

Monday, 12 February 2018

Sunday Lunch at The Crown Inn, Newick - review by Bex

You may have already seen this one if you get Uckfield Matters magazine as it appeared there first.  

As part of my Local Roasts series of reviews, I went along to check out Sunday lunch at The Crown Inn in Newick with Nik, the twins and my in-laws.  It had been recommended by a friend and didn't disappoint!

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Photography school - a review of Unraveled Academy

Back in June last year, I heard about Unraveled School which was just starting up and I joined as one of the first fifty as part of their special offer and I got their presets pack for free which I love!  I started writing about it back then on my Bexphoto blog but never actually finished writing about all the awesome stuff involved and now I love it so much I wanted to share it here too in case any of you guys fancy learning new ways to improve your own photography, I can't recommend it enough!  It's $15/month which really is a bargain for everything that's included, you can find out more and sign up at Unraveled Academy here.

The school is run by awesomely talented and super friendly Coleen Hodges and Sarah Driscoll, both photographers I admire, even more so as I've gotten to know them better through various ways over the last few months.  The school has so many avenues for learning, I'm finding a multitude of ways to improve my photography and they've got a fab new offer too so keep reading to find out more!

My most recent feature on the Unraveled blog.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Wassailing at Oast Farm Buxted

We'd never heard of wassailing before we moved here.  You'll probably already know how much we love visiting Oast Farm shop & cafe and it's there we first heard about the wassail.  Until now, it's always clashed with Nik's weekend at work or the twins' nap time but this year we made it along and we loved it!

If, like us, you haven't heard of this ceremony before, it's basically a way to bless the orchard to ensure a good harvest come autumn.

The awesome Bob in his crown, excited to get wassailing

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Toothy Tips - Fantastic Fluoride

We've already talked about brushing tips for toddlers and being careful with sugar but if you're wondering about the importance of the fluoride in your toothpaste, here's a bit more information.

Most patients I come across accept the role of fluoride as it's so widely used in toothpastes but there are those who avoid it and buy non-fluoride toothpastes.  There's also the controversy around the addition of fluoride to drinking water which is only done in certain areas so I'll talk about the benefits as well as reasons to be cautious with fluoride but I wouldn't be afraid of it and recommend using fluoride toothpaste.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Potty training twins - our tips and techniques

So, the big toilet conundrum!  I've been very nervous to toilet train K & P but started in earnest last Saturday (lord knows why I chose a day when I was on my own with them but I did and it was probably a good thing to be honest).  There will be poo chat here so if you're not interested in kids or potty training, best just scan through the cute pics or skip to a recipe or something else to entertain ;)

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Sunday roast inspired afternoon tea at East Sussex National Resort - review by Bex

Last Sunday I took the kids along to East Sussex National to sample their Sunday roast inspired afternoon tea in the Pavilion restaurant.

The cake stand was loaded with lovely treats as promised in the promo email I received below and the chef explained each tier.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Sunday Lunch at The Royal Oak, Newick - Local Roasts review

As part of my Local Roasts series, Nik, the twins and I went out for Sunday lunch at The Royal Oak in Newick last weekend.  We called on the day to book and had no problem getting a table at 1:30pm.  We were slightly late (as is often the way when wrangling two small humans) but were greeted warmly and asked to sit anywhere we liked.  We chose the corner table by the window and settled in.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

My Sunday Photo - Buxted Village Barber

For My Sunday Photo this week I've chosen my favourite photo from the last week of my 365 project.

I took Kalyan for a haircut at Buxted Village Barber.  This time we had to wait for his turn and the twins were fascinated by the window decals so I nipped outside to grab a photo.  As always, Denise did a great job and Kalyan loved the experience, he really seems to like the clippers although they do sometimes tickle him.  Priya had a haircut recently so she just had her hair brushed as she wanted a turn in the chair and I wanted to avoid a tantrum.  She keeps asking for a "proper haircut" like Daddy and Kalyan, I think because she hates having hers brushed!

The first 12 days of my 365 project.

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