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We LOVE cheese, the edible kind and occasionally the cheesy cheese kind - you know - pop music, fancy dress parties, so utterly romantic romance it's totally OTT (OK that one might be just me)!  We generally prefer cheese to sweets anyway and I was inspired by this image I found on Rock My Wedding, my ULTIMATE wedding porn!  (They featured it from another amazing blog - Sunday Suppers.)  I was never actually planning on having a sweetie buffet either but after seeing this picture, really wanted to style my own table!  It also makes perfect sense  for us to have one when our tea/coffee is served downstairs as we need to allow time for the room upstairs to be changed around for dancing!

 RMW Cheese Table 

I love the idea of taking this idea and putting my stamp on it and incorporating our theme.  This is where the cake stand (featured in my 'Wedding Planner' post) comes in.  I have changed the ribbon on it to my colour and it will be laden with one of the cheeses we pick.  (Can't wait for that job!  All those lovely cheeses to taste, yum!)
Rebecca's Cake Stand 

I have also managed to source (from my wonderful bridesmaids) a couple of domed cheese boards to borrow and I have my own chunky round chopping board with glass dome from a cake stand to use as well.  My lovely Mum also bought me a small domed cake stand to add variety in height and size.

Pear Bowl 

I plan to use green pears, grapes and celery to add more green while also being good accompaniments to the cheese.  I found the above bowl on Linda Barker's website Really Linda Barker and am (im)patiently awaiting it's arrival as it was out of stock. While searching for a set of cheese knives on-line I came across some cheese markers on etsy which were made of acrylic and shaped like cows/goats/sheep according to which type of milk the cheese was made from.  (Love that idea!) and I thought I could use it to incorporate my dragonfly theme.  I did contact the seller to ask if they could make a dragonfly shape instead but after getting no response I wondered if I could somehow manage to make them myself. At work, I happen to have access to very small drills and thought that if I could find a box or something similar made from white plastic or acrylic I might be able to cut out some dragonfly shapes.  Cue the Tesco 87p value tray (found by Nik, what a star)!


 I downloaded some stock dragonfly shapes online, made myself some paper templates by tracing them and then chose the best shape for writing on.  I then drew round it onto the tray to fit in as many as I could, I managed 11 in the end!

 11 Dragonflies 
I then looked forward to Monday at work for once and got to work in my lunch hour cutting them out!  Ably assisted by my wonderful nurse, Liz who took photos for me and kept finding bits of white plastic all afternoon!  Oops!  :)

Hard at work!
Cutting the first dragonfly!

I did find that the edges were very rough and chewed up by the high speed drill so had to spend some time smoothing the edges, Liz was again very helpful here and volunteered to help while I used the portable drill (she says she found it therapeutic so I didn't feel too bad letting her help!)

Ragged edges

Liz Helping

Smoothing (You can see the mess it made!)

Close Up

The finished result was amazing and I have even managed to find a green marker pen to write the cheese names on with!  I think they will look fab with their tails wedged into each type of cheese and it's a great way to tie the theme in!

Finished Result!

It was incredibly popular!  :D

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