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The search for my dress began very soon after getting engaged.  My parents live abroad so I usually see them only once a year and it just so happened they were back in the UK two weeks after we returned from our holiday for my Uncle's 50th birthday.  I initially thought I had only 2 weekends with my Mum in order to fit in all the usual Mother-Daughter fun wedding stuff, like the dress search!  She did however reveal after a couple of weeks, just before our engagement party, that she had changed her flights after learning of our engagement in order to stay an extra 4 weeks to spend more time with me and to help with planning!  I was delighted!
I had been busy on google before she had arrived and made a list of a few random appointments in Glasgow to start with.  I didn't select anywhere based on anything in particular and still wasn't entirely sure what I was after - I seem to like ALL the dresses in the magazines!  I just knew I wanted something a bit different to what I had seen at other wedding's we've been to.  We went on my day off work and our first appointment at Sarah Morgan Bridal in Mount Vernon.
Sarah Morgan is run by Jean Morgan and her daughter from their lovely home in Mount Vernon and I can't recommend them enough!  They sell couture made to measure dresses in their own designs along with tiaras and magnificent veils.  They have a beautiful set up in their front room with dozens of tiaras adorning their fireplace and white armoir wardrobes, the veils hang around the room from the picture rail and the dresses are all along one wall.

There is a stunning full length gilt mirror with 3 spotlights to show off the dresses at their best while trying them on and a chaise in the window for the Mums and Bridesmaids to sit and admire.


Stunning Veils
Not only was the room lovely, but Jean and her daughter were too.  I couldn't have felt more relaxed while trying on their gorgeous dresses.  There was no pressure and although still in the room, I never felt like they were hovering over me.  They were happy to chat and I never felt rushed.  I was made to feel special being the only bride there with their undivided attention.  As it happens, the first dress Jean picked out for me to try after a brief chat was one that had caught my eye when we first walked in and it was STUNNING, all the dresses after were compared to this and none matched up to the quality, beauty and feel I had when wearing it.
I have since been to other bridal shops and had various experiences ranging from OK to downright awful!  In one, I was constantly being asked questions on what I thought about each dress, what I wasn't sure about, what I did/didn't like about it and although I understand they are trying to ascertain what I like in order to help me find a dress, I just felt under pressure when I really wanted to be free to discuss it with the people I brought.  Not only that, but we were surrounded by other brides and all their people looking at us as well so I was a lot more self conscious, especially given that the sample dresses are mostly rather small and a strip of fabric was used on my size 14-16 frame to hold the backs together while having to step out in front of the above audience.  NOT SPECIAL AT ALL!  After about an hour of trying with nothing comparing to the first dress I tried, my bridesmaid went to pick out a dress she thought I might like and while I was in the changing room, she was told in a rather rude way that there was only time for one more dress when she picked up two.  As far as I'm concerned, it takes as long as it takes to find the perfect dress and that 2nd dress Claire picked out might well have turned out to be the one.
I did in fact I end up spending an hour and a half back at Sarah Morgan Bridal (mainly due to chatting with them so much, they are so lovely!) on my 3rd visit there to discuss buying the sample dress.  The reason being it was a lovely colour which suited me perfectly but Jean explained she couldn't replicate this colour as the fabric had faded over time and a new dress would be made from fresh new fabric.  As it happens, when I went back that last time with my shoes and even the length of the sample was perfect - as if it was made for me!  I was very lucky and Jean gave me a very decent discount for buying the sample dress considering they weren't trying to sell it and would have to get another one made.  Other than a couple of minor marks (I hadn't even noticed them until she pointed them out!) it was in perfect condition.  I do love a bargain!  :)
So it only took just over a month of looking at dresses and I bought the first one I tried on and can't wait to wear it again!  :)

Edit - pictures now added of trying on the dress since the wedding!...

Choosing Veil

Ribbon added to make halter-neck

All wrapped up ready to go!

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