Monday, 28 February 2011

The ring search...

So, the big search for 'the ring' - which actually turned out to not be a big job at all!  First one we tried in fact!

We planned to head to the place to shop for rings in Glasgow - Argyle Arcade.  First Nik booked us a nice lunch in a sweet wee Italian in town.  When we got there they had an amazing lunch deal on so we went for that and the included glass of wine with starter and another glass with main AND a liqueur with dessert.  However, Nik didn't want a liqueur so they insisted on bringing me two!
Cue, happy drunk diamond shopping :)

We walked through first to soak up the atmosphere and get excited!  Also to spot the security men in top hats!

Argyle Arcade

In the first shop, we explained that we were after something a bit different and that I liked emerald cut shape but maybe with a bit more sparkle and I liked baguettes on either side.  The lovely shop assistant brought over a few random choices just to get an idea of what we like and the first one she produced was a beautiful oval cut with tapered baguettes.  We both loved it and any we tried after that were 'not as nice as the first one'.  The way she asked if we wanted to buy it was 'shall I open the champagne?'  How posh!  We said we had to look around first as we had literally just started and wanted to have the fun and just make sure it was the one (I still wanted to try on an emerald cut).

We only went in one other shop (to try the emerald shapes but decided they weren't as nice as the first one either) and had another walk through, looking in the windows this time, but didn't see anything else that caught our attention.  So off we went back to the first one to get our free (with a very expensive purchase!) champagne.  Luckily it was half price so just within budget too :) and we do love a bargain!


We then carried on the celebrations across the road with a Yo Sushi (my favourite!) dinner with a bottle of champagne Nik had asked them to put on ice :)

Post Wedding Update:

My gorgeous ring :)

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