Monday, 28 February 2011

Save the Date!

Since we now had a date and it was less than a year to go already, the wedding frenzy truly started!  I began buying wedding magazines and discovering blogs online!  I am still doing both of these things and loving every minute of inspiration and general wedding-ness!  Got to make the most of it while I can!
I began cutting out lots of pictures of the things I truly loved from the stationery to the dresses!  My Mum actually makes hand made cards for a hobby and had always planned on making my invitations for me whenever I got married (more on those later!) but one of the ideas that stood out to Nik and I for the save the date cards was a very simple minimalist idea of having a blank front page with just 'tying the' typed across the middle with a ribbon tied onto the card in a knot - so 'tying the knot'.  The ribbon also gave us the chance to hint at our colour scheme without giving too much away at such an early stage.

The initial theme idea was always going to be green!  I am frankly obsessed with green, I love it!  I have make-up in green and a lot of clothes, I have decorated with it and generally try and have as much green around as possible.  With this in mind and the slightly annoying factor that 3 recent weddings we had been to in the last 2-3 years (we seem to be at that age where all of our friends are suddenly getting hitched) all had green bridesmaids!  Luckily none of them were quite my perfect green - olive/moss green.  I swiftly made my way to Hobbycraft to try and find my perfect colour of ribbon (35p per meter)...

Ribbon - with and without flash to show colour
My Mum being the crafter that she is had the perfect punch with 2 little dashes like this one...

Long reach 2 hole punch
We then chose our font and practiced our printing and punching to make sure we got it all in the right place and in the center.

Practice on paper template (made by Nik)
We decided to keep the front and inside very plain and simple with most of the details on the back.  We also by this point had discovered our guest list was rather larger than initially anticipated so asked people to RSVP now if they could as we figured most of them would know already if they were able to come or not.  This would allow us to invite some more people important to us if we found we had some guests decline, since we physically could not fit any more guests in!  (See future post for the full story!)
We bought the plain white square cards from Hobbycraft for £4.95 per pack of 50 cards with envelopes.  Nik printed all the text, we all punched the holes and I tied the majority of the knots with a little help from Mum!  The final result looked like this...

Save the Date Card

Inside Save the Date
All for the bargain price of £13.83 for 100 and the satisfaction of having made them ourselves :)

Bargain save the date cards!

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