Monday, 28 February 2011

A wee DIY project!

I was planning on my next post being about our venue but I am all excited after finishing a wee task of finishing touches to our cake topper!

We decided to have little lego people on top of our cake as we both grew up with lego and loved playing with it when we were little.  (I still have my brother's old set in our attic!)

Lego Nik & Bex (Or close enough!)

The great thing about the wee lego people is that you can pretty much get a match for hair and clothing with customised stickers added to the figures, you can even get them in kilts!  (I bought our set on ebay) and you can chose the colours of the flowers the bride holds.  Unfortunately my theme is olive green and the 2 greens on offer were more pastelly green.

I have, however, thought of a way to fix it to match much better!  I had originally thought I might cover them with some of the bridesmaid fabric but wasn't sure how easy that would be on such  a small scale, or how good it would look.  Then I thought of using my olive green nail varnish and some glitter glue I found in Hobbycraft to add my colours.

Adding glitter glue to white flowers

I used the glitter glue to hide the green stems in the middle of the flower and add some all important sparkle!  On the green flowers, I painted them using a skewer to keep the hole open and keep them still!

Painting the flowers with my nail varnish

Before and After flowers

Finished result


Post Wedding Update:

Screen grab from our wonderful wedding highlights film by Cherry Tree Films

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