Saturday, 26 March 2011

100 days to go!!! (Nik's ring and green wedding shoes!)

OK, it's actually 98 now!  I've been kinda busy since Thursday and forgot to make my quick post that day!  Oops!

Anyway, we have now chosen completely different designs for our wedding rings after a visit from Alison at Smooch wedding rings on Thursday.  Nik had initially thought about Titanium, but there was very little choice and we were put off a little by how SUPER cheap it is.  I mean you do want your wedding band to be special and the only one we could find was £50 from a very run down looking H Samuel.  We do however still like the darker shade of metal and it really suits Nik's skin tone and is more his style than a shiny silvery ring.  In the end we decided that just because it's not rare and therefore mighty pricey shouldn't put us off as it's the nicest looking and just as hard wearing, plus we love a bargain!  This new one we have found (Smooch had a huge choice even of the titanium rings) is £180 and will have a nice brushed finish.

Similar to this one

I am still getting platinum to go with my engagement ring but have chosen a more unusual design than the court shape I had previously seen.  It is more flat but with a rounded edge, still nice and simple but a little different.

The sample only fitted my pinkie.
I have also picked up my shoes today after sending them to get dyed and I LOVE THEM!  I admit I was very nervous on my way to collect them - I had originally paid £15 to get them dyed to one of the shop's catalogue of colours as it was a near enough match to my sample colour and cheaper than sending them away.  However, when she mixed up the colour and dyed a sample swatch (luckily!) she called to let me know the colour wasn't right - when I went to see it, it was a lot lighter and not the right shade of green at all.  She recommended sending them away for the custom dying but also warned me that when she called them to check my shoes were dyable they mentioned there is a potential for the crystals to go wrong and the dye could apparently seep into some of them - not a good look!  She thinks this is why my shoes are now discontinued.  I had to sign a disclaimer in case it went wrong and despite the fact I might not get another pair if it didn't work I went ahead as I REALLY have my heart set on green shoes but still love the design of mine and they're SO comfy!  (I don't want Nik to see them so if you want to, search for 'Benjamin Adams, Marilyn' - except you Nik if you read this!!)

Post Wedding Update:

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