Sunday, 6 March 2011

Hen Night(s)

I received my invitation from my Bridesmaids for my hen night yesterday!  It's amazing, they've done such a good job and ordered personalised cards :)

The plan for the hen night is to start at my flat (Nik will be out for the weekend!) which they plan to decorate while banishing me round the corner for a coffee.  We will be having afternoon tea with a twist (a version of a party I had an idea for a long time ago but haven't yet got round to) I think the plan is to have cocktails in teapots with cakes and other yummy things!  I don't know the full details as I have apparently been sent a special version of the invitation without the secret details I am not allowed to know.

We are then heading to Abode hotel for a cocktail mixology session followed by a yummy dinner, then heading out for a boogie somewhere in Glasgow.

I had always liked the idea of a spa weekend for my hen night but am aware it's an expensive thing to expect people to fork out for to help me celebrate.  The above plan seemed a good option as people can just come to the afternoon tea in the flat if things are a bit tight at the moment or just meet us for dancing if they don't fancy the meal/cocktail class.  I have however managed to arrange a wee spa break for me, my bridesmaids and the mums at Cameron House by Loch Lomond.  We got a great price for booking a lodge by the spa which sleeps 8 costing us only £124 each for three nights!

I absolutely cannot wait! :D

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