Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Our Wedding Photographer

Warning: slight soppy-ness coming up!

The first and most important people I checked were available on the date before booking our venue were the celebrant and photographer (oh and our parents!)

Other than being lucky enough to marry my Nik with all of our family and friends around us, the most important detail about the day for me is absolutely the photos to capture it all.  They are the one thing (well we have since decided to get a DVD as well, but more on that another time!) that we get to keep to remind us of all the details and the very public love between us on that day we get to become husband and wife.

Being an amateur photographer myself, although I don't usually 'do' people shots, I really value good photos and I would be devastated to be handed a batch of pictures which were bland and uncreative.  I am so lucky to have many friends who can take amazing portraits and some who do weddings.  The one who immediately came to mind was Matt Wagster.  Although he is based in Manchester, I am thrilled that he is more than happy to come up to Glasgow with his good friend and 'second shooter' James Burns to take our wedding pictures for us.  I absolutely love Matt's previous weddings and the ideas he has already had for ours, like incorporating our hobbies and personalities and having a shot of us with our masks and snorkels on with our wedding attire!  Can't wait for that one!  :)

Although he isn't very well known yet in the wedding photography business, his pictures speak for themselves. They are technically excellent and have that extra sparkle that makes them special.  Not only that, but as he already knows how excitable I am (and I did warn him again when asking him to do it), I can bombard him with all the ideas I keep getting from sites like Rock My Wedding!  Also, since Nik and I already know him, we will already be comfortable in front of him and his lens.  He has even accepted our invitation to come up a day early to come along to our informal family BBQ the day before the wedding for some of our guests to get to know him as well and for him to learn who the VIPs are in advance.  Ideal, and who knows, he may even bring his camera! ( ;) Matt if you are reading this.)  I even have a special outfit planned for that day too, I have to milk being the bride for as long as possible and plan to wear a casual white dress with a twist.

Basically, I couldn't think of anyone better to play such an important part in our wedding weekend and capture the memories for us and thanks Matt for being so excited to do it!  It makes it even more special and exciting for me!  :)

Post Wedding Update:

Matt did an amazing job and we have some absolutely stunning photos (I'll try to keep it to just a few favourites below!)  We're still waiting for our album as he's going to send me all of our photos to choose from and I'm going to choose myself which pictures I'd like in it.  I've sent him a hard drive to put them on since I needed a new one anyway but I haven't received it back yet.  I'll definitely update this with a photo of our album when we get it!


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