Thursday, 31 March 2011


I don't have bad skin, neither do I have good skin.  It's OK and I definitely don't look after it like I should!  I moisturise when I remember, I exfoliate my face once a week and it gets a splash in the shower.  I take my eye make up off with a face wipe every day (not always the night before bed!)  There you have all my shameful skincare secrets, same as the shocked Clarins Spa Lady today!  I did warn her that she would tell me off!

I don't wear foundation and never have, I only wear eye make up.  I do have some 'fine lines' (as they say in the magical cream adverts with all their made up scientific names) and large pores on my nose but I generally think it's not too bad, I have the occasional outbreak of a few spots but nothing major.  I did, however, decide that it could do with some better looking after in the run up to the big day.

This in mind, having read very few of the beauty features on blogs and in magazines (wedding and otherwise - I tend to focus more on the fashion side of things) I am not very knowledgeable about skincare and make up.  I did remember one article that recommended going to a Clarins Skin Spa in one of the department stores and having once facial a month form 4 months in the lead up to the wedding and following their advice to get the best results.  I don't always believe in all of the creams and potions and find most of the adverts for such things quite amusing as so much of it is clearly made up to sound scientific (pentapeptides anyone? - just common chemicals!)  HOWEVER, the thought of having an excuse to lay in a peaceful room for an hour while someone pampers my face every 4 weeks during all of the wedding frenzy, BLISS!

Image Source: Clarins

I happened to be in House of Fraser last Saturday night and popped over to Clarins to have a snoop, knowing full well I would probably end up being sucked into buying the above magical lotions and potions.  I found a card offering 6 treatments for the price of 4 - I do love a bargain - so I booked them.  I was told that after 6 treatments I would also qualify for a 7th free one as you get points per spend, bonus!

I had my first treatment today and Oh. My. God.  It was soooooo relaxing!  She not only gently massaged my face and scalp, but my feet and hands as well while the creams did their work, pure bliss indeed - for an hour and 20 minutes!  I was so relaxed after a very busy and stressful week, I almost fell asleep at the end!  I have already noticed a difference in my skin too and - an even better testament - so did Nik!  I absolutely cannot wait 'til the next one in 3 weeks!

(And yes, I did buy some of the products to carry on the work at home, after feeling the difference instantly in the softness of my face, I decided it couldn't hurt to try to actually look after my skin for a change!  I'll let you know if I think it is worth it!)

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