Saturday, 12 March 2011

To film or not to film....?

We hadn't really thought about getting a wedding video until my bridesmaid Sarah mentioned it and offered to show us her wedding DVD.  She highly recommended a company called Design Scotland Video (now Cherry Tree Films - love the new name!)  We went round one night early in our planning days to see her DVD and loved it so much I contacted them straight away to see if they were available on our date before getting too excited!  Luckily they were and were happy to keep the date for us until we could go through and meet Steve to have a chat and decide if we want to book.

Nik wasn't entirely convinced we needed a DVD of our wedding at first, but after seeing the more recent clips of Steve's filming we were both very impressed!  It was going to take up a sizeable chunk of our budget but as one of the only two things we get to keep along with the photos, I feel it is definitely worth it.  Sarah has even admitted to watching her DVD more often than looking in her album since her wedding 3 years ago.

We did wait until we had been to the big wedding show at the SECC before confirming but after seeing the other DVDs on offer from many different companies, it was unanimously decided between us and our Mums that Steve was the best.  We ended up going for the full day coverage option to try and capture all the important bits - vows, speeches and first dance along with the rest of the day including the preparations on the morning.  We also get to choose our own songs so it will have a soundtrack we love.  We absolutely can't wait to see the results and know it will be totally worth the wait after our big day!

Post Wedding Update:

This was by far one of the best decisions we made, I am SO glad we booked these guys!  I love our wedding DVD and have watched it loads, it's been a great investment and well worth the money!  Nik's Mum tells me every time she's shown it someone else and they all love it :)  

You can see our teaser here and our wedding highlights film here.  I HIGHLY recommend Cherry Tree Films, Steve was just wonderful and so talented!

I've also managed to take a few low res screen grabs from the online films to use on the blog which has been great to show things I don't have photos of and sometimes they're even better than some of our photos.  Steve is so lovely and when I checked, said he was happy with me sharing them here.  I'm so glad as they really look great (and once I started, it was hard to stop)!!

All of the following images are screen grabs from our wonderful wedding highlights film by Cherry Tree Films.  

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