Saturday, 12 March 2011

The wedding rings - and a wedding pen!

Some may say I have gone too far but those who know me will not be surprised!  And if Nik thinks it's OK then I'm all good (he was there when I bought it so I'm safe!)

I had seen this gorgeous green pen in John Lewis a few months ago when Christmas shopping and thought it was lovely and such a nice shade of green (i.e. my green!)

We were back in town today to start ring shopping now Nik's dreaded final exams are over at last and popped into John Lewis.  I showed him the pen and asked if he thought it would be nice to use a pen we could keep to sign the register with.  Surprisingly he didn't think I was being ridiculous for once ;) and allowed me to get this lovely green Cross pen so we don't have to rely on our celebrant to use his pen (he said something about it being the right type and colour of ink - but we checked and this one's fine apparently, yay!) and we get to keep it after AND it's green!!

So anyway, the rings!  We had another lovely day strolling through Argyle Arcade where we bought my engagement ring and tried on a few different styles of wedding band.  We have decided to get Nik a palladium 5mm court band with a satin finish as this really suits him and isn't too shiny (i.e. jewellery-like!) as he's not used to wearing anything like that.  I have chosen a platinum (to match my engagement ring) 2.5mm court band.  They both actually work out to be around the same price as the palladium is much cheaper metal but has similar scratch resistance to platinum.  We haven't bought them yet as we have an appointment with Smooch who are apparently cheaper than the shops since they have fewer overheads as they come to your home with their selection of rings.  So at least we now have an idea of what we want and costs before they come so we know if we are getting a good deal or not!

We followed our lovely day of shopping (and first whole day spent together since Christmas due to Nik's exams!) with a delicious meal at Gamba followed by some even more delicious cocktails at "The Restaurant", I highly recommend the Kim Sha!  YUM!

Post Wedding Update:

I checked at the registry office and they said we couldn't use this pen :(  We just used our celebrant's pen instead.

Photo by Uncle Alan

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