Thursday, 10 March 2011

Wedding Stress!

I'm having one of those days today when I'm actually wondering if it's all going to be worth it!  I know I'm just being overly dramatic and wasn't sure whether to post this, but I feel I should record the days when it's not all just the exciting and fun parts of planning as well.  Sometimes I just want to be married and not have to worry about guest lists and budgets!

The main cause of most of my stress has been as a result of our perfect venue.  We love it and couldn't imagine getting married anywhere else, but is has limited us on who we can invite.  Not quite so perfect after all!  We thought it gave us enough room for all our guests until we realised how big our families actually are when written down!  We have therefore had to tell both our families to cut down their lists and we have both edited them slightly ourselves but then both sides of our families are not entirely happy.  We have also both had requests from cousins to bring partners, one of whom we have met and one we haven't.  We had to tell both of them no as we simply cannot fit in any more seats for the ceremony or meal!  (We are already over the venue's advertised capacity although they have assured us we can fit all our guests in if we set the room out a certain way - we are now having our top table on the stage!!)  As a result of so many of our families meaning a lot to us (especially Nik who, although he has SUCH a large family does actually see them all frequently and would be upset not to have them at his wedding) we have had to minimise the number of our friends we can invite to the whole day and although we feel it's a shame they can only come to the evening portion, at least we will get to see them and celebrate with all of our friends for a few hours.

Everyone says you should forget about trying to keep everyone else happy on your wedding day and just make yourselves happy but this is not something I agree with.  The whole reason we are inviting people is because we want them to share our day and enjoy it with us, not just come and watch us get married because they are related to us in some way.  We are trying to plan our wedding to be as personal as possible and have a touch of us and our personalities in it (difficult when Nik's style is very minimal and I love lots of wee details!)  We want our guests to truly have a great day and get to know a little more about us as well.  There are so many of Nik's family I have yet to meet and a few of mine he hasn't met.  I really hope we can pull it off and although I sometimes wish we had a bigger venue so we and our parents could invite everyone we wanted, I am also glad we have the limit as our wedding has already turned into a much bigger affair than I was hoping for!

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