Friday, 8 April 2011

Alone time and veils

Ahhhh bliss...similar to Kirsty over on A Safe Mooring, I do love a bit of time alone to chill/de-stress and as she so eloquently puts it, to balance things out.

I love my fianc√© to bits, but sometimes it is nice just to have the place to myself!  I am currently sat in my cosy corner on the sofa (in my position as he calls it!) with a glass of Merlot (potential wedding wine so it's all in the name of research! ;)) and watching all of my saved up 'American Rubbish' as he calls it.  I absolutely love just sitting down and getting completely wrapped up in Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds and ER (they are actually playing the whole of ER on Sky Atlantic from the beginning, most of which I never saw the first time round so am LOVING it!)  Nik, however, hates this as he gets told to 'shush' a lot - he doesn't seem to realise that's just because he makes noise a lot and usually during either an exciting or tear-jerking bit!  Hmmmm, methinks he just does not get my escaping time where I get so involved in the 45 minutes of story that my mind switches off all worries - wedding, work or life related and I can properly chillax! (It's a word!)  Having said that, I do enjoy the multi tasking of blogging/surfing/watching all at once as well!

Me chillaxing with a book in Sri Lanka, the week before I became a betrothed lady :)

I'm also very much looking forward to starting a new book tonight while having the WHOLE bed to sprawl in :)  I really to miss him, honest!  Besides, it's good to be retain some independence and not pine for him every time he's away!  ;)

He is on his Stag weekend by the way, so I'm sure he's having a ball with his brother and friends down in Liverpool for the Grand National.  Goodness knows what they are up to this evening after the races today, I am determined not to text him on his 'last night of freedom' as it were despite my curiosity!

The fact he is away is actually rather good timing as his 30th birthday is coming up this month and I have a few secret projects to work on over the weekend that I don't want him to know about, for his birthday and wedding related!  I'm really looking forward to spreading out and getting crafty and arty with my ideas without having to worry about him walking in - just this week I had something I had to get finished and had to resort to putting up a sign saying DO NOT ENTER!!! on the spare room/kitchen door depending where I was working away!  I can't say any more in case he reads this.  When he gets back obviously, I very much doubt he will be checking my blog while away with the boys ;)

I have also finally ordered and paid for my veil!  I had trouble deciding between a long and 3/4 length style but eventually all of these images settled my mind on the long dramatic look...

Christian Ward via Rock My Wedding

Christian Ward via Rock My Wedding
A Bryan Photo via Snippet & Ink
There are more but I can't find the credits for them and don't want to get into trouble for stealing pictures!  Some other stunning veil photos I love are...

Elizabeth Messina via Snippet & Ink

Elizabeth Messina via Snippet & Ink
Shoot Lifestyle via Rock My Wedding

Shoot Lifestyle via Rock My Wedding
If I get pictures as gorgeous as these on our wedding day, I will be thrilled to bits!

I am now off to bed to start that book since it has taken me about 3 hours to finish this post!  The Criminal Minds episodes I had saved up were pretty good and distracting!  ;)

Post Wedding Update:

I did get one floaty veil shot but I was sitting on a bench and look a bit awkward so I don't really like it (and it's all shadowy), I wish I'd been a little more with it on the day when thinking of photos but was obviously too busy enjoying the day to be thinking about it.  I do have plenty of pictures in my veil though and loved wearing it!  I had to take it off sooner than I planned as it was falling out due to all the hugs!!

NEARLY forgot to even put it on!

Screen grab from our wonderful wedding highlights film by Cherry Tree Films

Screen grab from our wonderful wedding highlights film by Cherry Tree Films

Screen grab from our wonderful wedding highlights film by Cherry Tree Films

Screen grab from our wonderful wedding highlights film by Cherry Tree Films

Screen grab from our wonderful wedding highlights film by Cherry Tree Films

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Kirsty | A Safe Mooring said...

Aw, I'm glad I'm not the only one (and thanks for the mention)!

Also, that third veil shot down is GORGEOUS. You know how I like a floaty veil - beautiful. Apparently a field is the ideal accessory too.

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