Monday, 25 April 2011

OMIGOD!!! Our celebrity venue!

I've just been alerted to this by MIL to be!!  Kiera Knightly's brother got married in our venue yesterday and she was a bridesmaid.  Not only that, but their menu was very similar to ours (you can actually read it from one of the pictures!) by our would be caterer although we haven't officially booked them yet as we are STILL waiting to hear back with a final quote so we can pay our deposit!

AND they hired a white taxi as a wedding car (we have actually gone for a silver one but from the same company!)

Methinks they have found all my lists!!  At least the style and colour theme is completely different although I do LOVE the colour of those BM dresses!  :)

The Scotsman even mentions the Pilates classes in the 'humble community hall' - I do those classes too!! :)

Post Wedding Update:

So glad we ended up booking a difference caterer (I heard they weren't overly impressed with the organisation on the day so happy we avoided that!)

The taxi was great but would have been better if they removed all the business cards from above the windows!!

We even did the obligatory cheesy hailing the cab pose after our ceremony!

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