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There are many props for our wedding - might have something to do with my wedding obsession and shopaholic-ism - but most of them are for the 'Photo Corner'.  Our wonderful photographer and friend Matt suggested that, as he is travelling up from Manchester and therefore staying all night anyway, we could set up a 'photo booth' for the evening and he will take some photos of our guests with various props and have some fun pictures for our guest book!  (More on the design of that later.)  I am delighted he wants to do this as I love seeing fun photos from actual booths that can be hired for hundreds of pounds and from other photographers who have done similar things.  It seems to be something that's getting more and more popular for weddings in this country.  It's also fun entertainment for our guests and I think silly props can help them feel more comfortable having pictures taken.

I have been having great fun thinking about the design of our 'Photo Corner' and what props to include.  Luckily I already have a pretty good collection of items due to my love of Halloween and fancy dress parties.  So far we have....

2 pairs of jumbo metallic green (of course!) heart shaped glasses
2 heart shaped chalk boards for messages (one of which we used in our engagement shoot)
4 pairs of 'geek' glasses
2 Venetian masks
Fimo Moustaches on sticks I have yet to make
Fimo Smiles - as above!
Various hats I have used for Halloween parties over the years
A very funky baroque style frame from a mirror I found in TK Maxx
I'm sure there will be more by the time the wedding comes!

We are also planning on having a backdrop for the photo corner and I had planned on trying to DIY a wall such as this one I found on RMW...

Photo via Rock My Wedding (I can't find the link to this actual picture but this was another one!)
Just found it!!  Here!

We're now thinking of making a backdrop out of fabric as it will much easier to transport to the venue and hang up on some kind of rail (perhaps from Ikea if I can find one tall enough).

Post Wedding Update:

I did get some fabric from Ikea for a backdrop but wasn't quite sure how to hang it.  In the end, our wonderful on the day coordinator, Rebecca, ended up using that on the cheese table as she thought it was a table cloth - it looked great!  She came up with her own idea for our backdrop using our photo bunting and paper poms in the fireplace by the bar - ideal!

Our Backdrop

Screen grab from our wonderful wedding highlights film by Cherry Tree Films

We got some little indoor sparklers for people to use in the photo booth too but they all disappeared before dinner!

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