Sunday, 3 April 2011

Soooooo FUN!

This weekend we had our pre-wedding shoot or engagement shoot (although we're now closer to the wedding than when we got engaged!)  Matt, our photographer travelled up for the weekend to stay with us, see our venue and generally catch up as it's a long time since we had seen him.  We also got to do a great fun photo shoot to get used to posing and feel comfortable in front of the camera.

We decided to do our photo shoot up by Loch Lomond because a) that's where we met Matt on a photography weekend and we have spent a lot of time up there taking pictures together, b) we wanted to collect pebbles from our favourite beach for our flower features for the wedding, and c) we just love it up there - it's stunning!

The tree at our favourite spot at Loch Lomond - Milarrochy Bay
Milarrochy Bay, Loch Lomond after sunset
Rowardennan, Loch Lomond before dawn
We decided to just let go and have fun with the shoot and had a few ideas we wanted to try out!  Other than my obsession with green, I generally love bright colours so we wanted the photos to be happy and colourful and show our personalities.  Matt had the idea for us to bring our scuba masks with us as that's a big hobby we enjoy together - yes he did make us get in the freezing loch!  I'm hoping it was worth it!!  I absolutely can't wait to see the pictures!!!  I literally couldn't stop smiling all day!

As Matt is our friend as well as our photographer, he stayed the whole weekend with us which let us get some even more personal shots of us at home making sushi (his only request for the weekend  - other than get in that freezing water!! - was that Nik make some of his sushi he'd seen from a picture I had on facebook a while ago).

Nik's delicious Sushi last year!
I was a bit concerned that Nik wouldn't really be into the whole pre-wedding shoot idea, but he surprised me and we both really enjoyed it, even the romantic soppy ones!  It actually was really nice to just spend some time together after his recent exams and all the planning and get out up into the country again!

Today, we went off to see the venue in our local park for Matt to get an idea of the building, surroundings and available lighting and layout inside.  We then took a few more photos having fun in the park.

It was really great to see Matt again and we both had SO much fun being models for the weekend!  We even took a change of clothes up to the loch with us and when I couldn't decide which coat to take, Matt suggested I take them all (um yeh, that would be 8 coats!!) and we took some fun photos with me in all of my different coats!  (Slight shopaholic tendencies perhaps!)

Some of the most crazy I expect, will be the ones of us collecting our pebbles while wearing our posh party clothes at the end of the day, hehe, we almost forgot to collect them we were having so much fun!  We really did have such a fun day and I can't thank Matt enough for coming all the way up from Manchester for the whole weekend. it's 3 months to go!!!  Woohooo, can't wait!  :)

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