Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Table Names

Our table names were something else we wanted to use to tell our guests a bit about us.  We decided on using the names of our favourite dive sites we have dived together.  I was also hoping to incorporate some of my own pictures into the day somewhere and this seemed an ideal way, so we chose 15 of my best underwater images and I photo-shopped the table names and numbers onto them... to see more!  ;)

We found a great bargain in IKEA to display them in for a bargain £1.01each!

These fab super cheap frames are perfect as they can be seen from both sides and have no unsightly backs for the people sitting on the other side - so I've just printed 2 of each picture to have it showing on the back and front.  I think they'll look great on the tables and add a real pop of colour amongst all the green!  ;)

Update: First print of the table names was a slight fail!  The wording and numbers were right on the edge and cut off on all of the pictures by the edge of the frames :(  I also decided that number 8 didn't show up the table number well enough as the background was yellow so I changed that to another Clown fish picture.

However, after re-photo-shopping (another hour spent) and re-printing they now look FAB!  I love them : D

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