Sunday, 24 April 2011

Wedding Photos

Other than the amazing photos I'm sure we'll be getting thanks to Matt, we have asked all of our married guests to send us a photo of them on their wedding day to try and include them in the romance of our day.  I have arranged a collage of the pictures to be displayed on our wedding day to hopefully bring back romantic memories of their own wedding days while enjoying ours.  We were also hoping for some interesting old pictures and potentially some funny fashion too but other than my Aunt's 80's frizz (see top right, of which I had similar as an 8 year old bridesmaid on her day - she took the liberty of sending that pic too!) and my Dad's flares and dodgy 'tache they were actually not too bad!  We plan to display our parent's pictures in their own individual frames.

We had a pretty good response and a lot of guests have sent us pictures - we've ended up with a nice mixture of older and more recent images as well as traditional English, Scottish and Indian style weddings adding to our fusion theme.  I have stuck them all to a magnetic pinboard with blu-tak and then added some of my magnetic dragonflies.  This is the first draft but unless we get any more pictures this will be the board displayed on the day, next to our guest book.

Post Wedding Update:

We got quite a few photos sent much later so I didn't have time to do anything with them so close to the wedding but we managed to get them hung on a green ribbon over the table.

I particularly love the really old ones of our grandparents!

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