Wednesday, 18 May 2011


It's been a particularly busy time since last week, particularly for parcel delivery companies!  Firstly, the bags have arrived for the party packs and children's favours, lots of different green tissue papers arrived for me to make into poms, the floating candles arrived, I bought the tealight holders from Ikea,  had dinner with Sarah, dropped off the fabric at the bridesmaid dress maker, the dragonflies arrived, Matt sent us a sneaky peak at our engagement shoot photos and I finally finished wiring all the pebbles tonight!!!

We have also finally completed our Humanist Homework!  We were set this task waaaay back in October after meeting our celebrant, Tim.  Unfortunately, Nik had finals pending so we set it aside until he was finished.  He finished in March!  Three months of nagging later, he had done his homework and we could move on to the next stage.  Oh and he passed the finals, yay!  :)

Here is the process Tim suggests:

Separately, using one side of the paper only, and no conferring, I want you to

1. Write the story of you – from when you first met and everything that’s happened since. Remember it doesn't have to be War and Peace. Keep it simple, keep it truthful, and use your own voice. 

2. Write down ten things about your partner that made you not just fall in love, (which as it says in Captain Corelli's Mandolin, 'any fool can do'), but that made you decide that you want to spend the rest of your lives together.

3. Finally, I want you to write down ten things that marriage means to you or that you want to achieve in your marriage. 

BTW, ten is an arbitrary number. If you can only think of four great reasons, that will do. If you can only think of four hundred and four, that'll do too, but bear in mind we're aiming for a ceremony that lasts around thirty minutes and that brevity is the soul of wit... 

We then sat down across the table after dinner last night, opened the bottle of fizz his brother and his girlfriend gave us for our engagement and read to each other what we had written.  I won't tell you what we said as this exercise is more for us and our celebrant to know truly what this is all about for us and to help us write our ceremony and vows.  I will say that I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by what Nik wrote, I've always wondered about certain things which, when asked, he just responded "Just because, I dunno" in typical bloke fashion!  Last night he made me laugh and get a bit teary, which is just the kind of response we hope for at our ceremony and reiterates one of his points about my "excitement and emotions" which thankfully was in the things he loves about me part!  We really did have a wonderful night, as promised by Tim!

I even found a heart shaped crouton in my Caesar salad :)

Tim has already sent us some ceremonies and readings he feels reflect us, for some inspiration to turn our homework into our own ceremony and vows.  We can include as much or as little as we want from what we have written so far and I hope to include most of it.  It helps us keep our wedding personal and unique and will hopefully make for an interesting, funny, heartfelt and thoughtful ceremony our guests will enjoy just as much as us!

Post Wedding Update:

We loved our ceremony and so did our guests, some of them still talk about it!  :)

The following pictures are screen grabs from our wedding highlights film:

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