Thursday, 12 May 2011

More Wedding Stress

The only wedding stress we have really had has been related to our guest list.  We love our venue and wouldn't change it for the world, we're super lucky to have somewhere so close to our home with such character, everything we need and lets us bring in everything including our choice of caterer and drinks and it's in our local park!  However, we have had to be a bit selective in who we can invite to the full day.  As I said before, our families are really rather large and we have had to say no to some people bringing partners we haven't met, we really have squeezed in as many as we feel we can (and are already pushing it with the venue who are trying to make us change to banqueting tables - both of us really want to avoid that) and have a total of 139 guests in a venue designed for 120.  We have been told by one of the caretakers that it has been done before and we can comfortably sit everyone, and we have even moved the top table on to the stage to make more space!

All I will say about the latest stress is that it is related to two emails I received recently regarding our choices on who we invited/couldn't invite/couldn't invite to the whole day.  We already felt guilty for disappointing people and really didn't feel we deserved to be made to feel even worse by receiving such emails.  This link to a BBC article shown to me by a friend would have made the perfect reply but as my rather more level-headed fiancé pointed out, it would only illicit another response and no doubt stress me out all over again!  We have left it alone and made no replies.

We are both really disappointed with the reaction we received from this small minority and are trying hard not to let it mar the experience for us.  However, it is difficult to receive such negative feeling when trying to arrange the best day of our lives.  We just need to try and remember that's what it is, the best day in our lives, for everyone else it's hopefully going to be a great day to remember but it won't be their best day so we will continue to concentrate on making it ours and doing it our way as much as we can!  After all our wedding is about celebrating our love for each other, not anyone else's.

Us loved up on our first holiday together :)

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