Sunday, 15 May 2011

Glasgow Survival Packs

I can't remember at the moment what inspired this idea (I will no doubt update this when I do remember as most of my ideas were born of something similar I've seen somewhere (probably a forum or blog) - I'm not imaginative enough to just come up with them completely out of the blue unfortunately!)

Basically the idea was initially to give each of our guests a welcome letter, thanking them for coming to the wedding and making it a great day for sharing it with us.  I thought  it would be a nice touch to get the hotel to distribute them to the rooms during the wedding so they would find them before going to bed.  This idea then evolved to a Glasgow Survival Pack with a welcome letter when they arrive at the hotel (logistically easier and the hotel has agreed to put them in the rooms as they are made up for our guests, although they think they are still just letters for now!).

Included in the bags they will find;

Packet of sugar-free chewing gum
Can of Irn Bru (labelled - Scottish hangover cure!)
A Tunnock's Tea Cake
Earplugs (reviews of the hotel have mentioned the city noise in the early hours!)
Sachet of Resolve (for any hangovers the day after)
Bottle of water (see above)
Tunnock's Teacake
Translation sheet of Glasgow Slang
Glasgow Tourist Guide (home-made and featuring my own photos of Glasgow taken on the May bank holiday weekend - also prove we do get blue skies up here in case the weather isn't kind in July!)
Leaflet with tourist discount vouchers (found in a station and swiped!)
Welcome letter :)

The tourist guide idea came from something Nik's Dad mentioned about the reputation Glasgow tends to have to people who have never visited before - it seems it's more famous for it's teenage pregnancies, junkies (Trainspotting anyone) and stabbings than it's amazing architecture, shopping(!!!), museums and many, many parks.  We have put together a list of our favourite attractions and parks in Glasgow with a small spiel about each one and one of my pictures.  The Glasgow Slang is just for fun and who doesn't want to try Irn Bru in it's homeland!?  (NOT me actually, can't stand the stuff!)

Here are some of my favourite pictures of the places...

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