Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Sore fingers!

This is the reason I have had very sore fingertips since Sunday...

I have been working on our centre pieces which will all hopefully be revealed soon...  I'm just awaiting permission from the photographers to show you where my inspiration came from!  
These are the pebbles we collected when on our engagement shoot (photos hopefully coming soon!) at Loch Lomond, one of our favourite places.  I have been spending my spare time wrapping them with this green wire (did start with silver but it didn't show up enough for my liking, I want it to be a feature) and leaving free ends for the florist to work with.  Very simple but time consuming and sore on the fingers!

DIY ingredients ;)
The first ones before I bought the green wire
The results so far - 30 down, 12 to go!


Lyndsey said...

Worth the hard work I think and the green looks soooo much better. Well done.

Bex said...

Thanks Mum! Think I will get the finished tonight - fingers almost back to normal! :)

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