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Yo! Bridezilla addict!

Yep, that's me!  (Beware this is a loooong post, and shows my true craziness, but it has a happy ending.)

I have been super busy the last couple of weeks or so, hence lack of posts - and I have so much to write about!!  As you could not have missed, there was the Royal Wedding and I was very excited to watch it and see the fashion, ideas and if/how Kate managed to get her own ideas into the day.  (Totally LOVED the trees in the Abbey!  Brilliant idea!!)  I wasn't disappointed and thoroughly enjoyed watching the whole thing, even more than I thought I would.

Now, to explain the Yo! part of my title, about 3 days before the wedding, I received an email from Yo! Sushi informing me about their special, limited edition Royal Wedding Hand Roll and Plate.  They were raising funds for Help For Heroes for William and Kate's wedding charity gift list and selling new smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber hand rolls on these specially designed plates for a mere £2.50.

How CUTE!!!??

AND, if you buy the plate on the actual wedding day you get to keep it!!!  Cue, VERY excited Bex!!  Totally perfect souvenir of the excitement of the RW for me given that we're getting married the same year and I HATE all the tacky china plates for sale in the shops!  I was already trying to think of a way to use it in our wedding day - maybe for our pudding!  Just the fact they were giving away a Yo! plate was exciting enough for me!  I properly love Yo! Sushi, we even have the recipe book and all the kit to make it at home!!

We went to try them out at Silverburn the day before the wedding, we chanced our arm but they wouldn't let us keep them even though it was closing time - we had to ask! ;)  So after the wedding (and balcony kisses, awwww), I raced to the House of Fraser (my closest) branch to get one only to be told they had sold out already as they gave them away the day before!!!!  Unfortunately by the time I got to Silverburn, they had literally just sold their last one!  Gutted is an understatement!  I couldn't believe it!  I wished I had recorded the wedding and gone earlier, I even waited in case the guy who ordered the last one just wanted the roll and didn't take the plate home, but he did :(  I even considered driving to Edinburgh but figured they'd be sold out too!  I was properly devastated - probably a bit too much, I actually cried, although I'd like to think this was more a channelling of all the week's stresses as even at the time I knew I was being silly!  Anyhooooo...

A couple of days later when recounting the tale to my bridesmaid in front of her hubby (he already knows I'm nuts anyway!) he suggested writing to the marketing manager and even found the email address on the website for me!  They suggested making my story a bit funny by explaining how obsessed I am with Yo! Sushi and how I wanted it for my wedding which is also this year.  So, here is the correspondence...

Subject: Yo! Bridezilla Plea
I'm really, really hoping you can help me!  I absolutely had my heart set on one of your special Royal Wedding Plates as my fiancé and I absolutely love YO! Sushi and eat there all the time!  In fact he was the one who took me there the first time when I was a bit apprehensive to try it but have been hooked ever since!  Anyway, the plate means so much to me as we are also getting married this year and I had planned to surprise him with a sushi brunch served on the plate before our wedding in July!  (2 months today in fact!)

So, having chanced my arm in case they let us keep them when we went to Silverburn enjoy the last :( Blue Thursday in April and being told we couldn't keep them until the actual wedding day, I raced into my closest branch in House of Fraser in Glasgow after the wedding to get one, only to be told they had sold out already as they had given them away the day before!  Unfortunately by the time I got to the Silverburn restaurant, they had literally just sold the last one!  Despite me hanging around in case the person who ordered it didn't keep the plate - he did - I was unable to get one.  I even considered driving to Edinburgh but decided this was just a bit too crazy even for me!

So, anyway, to get to my point - do you have any spare Royal Wedding Plates lying around or lost in the bottom of a box somewhere in an office and if so, would there be any chance you could please send one to me?  It would make me the happiest bride so I can surprise my hubby-to-be with it and I would gladly make another donation to Help For Heroes!

Yours hopefully,

Bex Wilson,
Glasgow Bridezilla and Yo! Addict!

 Dear Bex,

Thanks for getting in touch and am so pleased you love YO! Sushi and our RW plate!

Unfortunately we only produced a small quantity and they really are completely gone, I even need more for our own purposes but alas we don’t have any more.

Really sorry about this, we are still hunting around and obviously if there is a spare one going that miraculously appears, I will be sure to send it to you.

In the meantime, although I know it’s not the same, I’d be happy to send you one of our normal restaurant plates.

Let me know if that will go to some way in helping you out.

All the best for the wedding this year, your soon-to-be husbands sounds like a very clever young man ... he must be if he introduced you to YO! Sushi ;)

Kind regards,

Now this email came just 10 minutes after I sent mine and immediately cheered me up!!  Any Yo! plate would be so cool and I would totally love a green one to go with our wedding colour scheme and my green obsession of course!  Before I had a chance to reply though, this happened...

Dear Bex,

News alert – we have just found two spare RW plates for you!

My colleague will get in touch with you to get your address and post one out to you.

Perhaps you could send me a photo of you and your hubby eating sushi off our RW plate?

All the best for the wedding.

No Way!!!  Thank you SO much My!!!  I am so grateful and will certainly send you a picture of us eating off it - will ask someone to save some sushi to bring to the wedding with the plate so we can get one of us together with our full wedding gear on while eating it!  :)

I was about to reply to your earlier email to say thank you for replying so quickly, I got it just before I headed back to work and didn't get a chance to say I really appreciate that you even took the time to write back and that any Yo! plate is better than none, (was going to ask for a green one since that's our wedding colour scheme!)  

Then I just got home from work and found this!  I can't thank you enough and will certainly make another donation to the charity by way of thanks!

You have made me very happy!
Thanks again, 

No problems at all Bex! Hope the wedding goes well and you enjoy eating your sushi breakfast off our Royal Wedding plates – we will put them in the post today for you.

Look forward to seeing the pics ;)

All the best,

I was expecting one Royal Wedding plate and very excited about it!  The very next day a special delivery package arrived for me - I was totally clueless as to what it could be as I wasn't expecting the plate to arrive so quickly, plus it was a rather large jiffy bag!  Inside I found TWO packages wrapped in brown paper - one labelled RW plates and one labelled lime green plates!!! Inside which I found TWO of each plate!!!

My very special plates :)

And this lovely note saying... 

Dear Bex, Enjoy your Royal Wedding breakfast brunch Yo! Sushi style!  All the best for the big day.

Unbelievable and so sweet of them, they really went above and beyond and I am THRILLED with my plates!  We went to Yo! that night to celebrate and  I have already recruited a friend (another bridesmaid's lovely husband) to bring me a Yo! Maki box on the morning of our wedding as they don't open until 11.30am by which time we will all be in full getting ready mode!  (Lucky Nik will be in the hotel just round the corner from Yo! so I can order some to be delivered to him for his plate!)  I have also made my extra donation to Help for Heroes - an easy promise to keep  :)

We weren't even finished yet!

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