Friday, 3 June 2011

Tonsils and Fashion and 30 days!!!

I have had tonsillitis this week  (Warning Gruesome pics at the end of this post - you have plenty of time to avert your eyes from minging graphic tonsil pictures!!  They impress me so I had to put them up but if you really hate disgusting infected flesh - don't look!)

Needless to say I am behind in blogging!  I have had ideas of what I want to blog about but not had the energy to actually get up and do anything, even type!!  Being ill is not good for me, I am not a get on with it kind of multi-tasking girl who can be feverish and still full of get up and get on with it!  I am PATHETIC!  I HATE the shivery feeling that comes with a fever and it just makes me cry and feel sorry for myself.  Neither of which, I realise, are attractive qualities.  And yet he still loves me, brings me milk and drugs and gives me cuddles when I'm shivering.  So thank you to Nik who has been wonderful at looking after me (and my Mum who arrived on Monday from Saudi Arabia to join in the last stretch of wedding planning fun and my hen night which is TOMORROW!!!!)

So, my plan for bank holiday Monday had been to go shopping for my hen night dress, then pick up Mum at the airport.  Instead I spent it dying in bed with tonsils growing bigger by the second!  (Seriously, I thought I had had tonsillitis before - no, this was proper agony!!)  Luckily, Nik has now finished all his final uni hospital prep stuff so was free to collect Mum for me and buy me more painkillers.  I went to the doctor on Tuesday as I was worsening rather than improving, had no cough and very sore and swollen lymph nodes (something my newly qualified Doc tells me means it could actually be one of the 20% bacterial cases rather than viral).  The very lovely Dr P was very understanding when I walked in and promptly burst into tears (I'm not usually so pathetic I promise!) and explained the problem and that my Hen Night was this Saturday.  She had a look in my throat and immediately said she could tell why I was so fed up and that my tonsils looked very nasty and pussy so I could have antibiotics.  And Thank Goodness!  The very next day I already noticed a HUGE difference, although still in considerable pain, I generally felt much better and found the painkillers actually relieving the pain more!  All I can say is, I'm glad it happened now and not in a month's time!!

Luckily I am now almost back to normal and Dr P says I can still partake in the cocktails from our class but to 'go easy' as I don't want a relapse!  Last night, Mum, Nik and I went off to Silverburn to find my Hen Night dress - I did consider wearing one of my older ones but I really did want a new one for my Hen and had already spotted a couple of potentials in Monsoon and Coast online!  (What else is there to do when slowly healing from Giant Tonsil Disease!?)

In the end it was an easy choice (despite Mum not being keen on the online picture although strangely it doesn't look too flattering on the model) when I tried it on, we all agreed it was stunning and fun and fitted me perfectly!  So this is my final outfit for tomorrow (which at their 1st dress fitting tonight the girls were all winding me up about as there are a few surprises apparently!!), I can't wait!!!

'Mitzy' Dress from Coast

Which I was going to pair with these SUPER comfy wedges I bought for the honeymoon from Aldo although it looked a bit too casual...

'Taneja' wedge from Aldo

SO, I will probably buy these which I had my eye on recently as I actually realised I do not own a classic, sexy but comfy black shoe!!  (Scandalous!)

'Amy' shoe from Kurt Geiger

Although I also like the 'Betty'

And because I simply couldn't resist when I saw it on Etsy, this stunning handmade ring which is soooo cute perfect for the tea party in the afternoon!!!

'Tea-time' ring from Etsy
I will be adding my usual pop of colour in the form of bright nail varnish although I am currently debating over coral or turquoise so decided to blog instead!!  :)  Right, now I really to need to paint those toes before bed!

Oh and P.S. It's ONE MONTH TODAY!!!!!

Don't say I didn't warn you!  Day 1, 2 and 3 - I was starting to worry it might close up altogether!!


Anonymous said...

So what did you do or how did you get treated..think I have or had this now.

Bex said...

I was given antibiotics by my GP, it then improved very quickly.

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