Sunday, 19 June 2011

Wedding outfits - minor disasters

For our wedding ceremony, Nik will be wearing a traditional Indian Sherwani Suit in grey.  He has chosen a lovely one from Anjali's Boutique in Glasgow with some elaborate embroidery and beading in black and silver, although not too much sparkle!  We asked his brother who lives in London (and therefore has a huge choice in Southall) to order a plain grey suit with embroidery around the collar and edging only so as not to be as fancy as the Groom's.

Something like these...(but in grey)...

This is the hideous shiny monstrosity he was presented with when he went to pick it up yesterday...

Obviously he complained immediately that it wasn't what he ordered, is very short, shiny and has a horrible pattern all over it!  Sherwani suits are rather expensive, despite being made in India and shipped over, this one was to cost £315 and he had paid a £200 deposit.  He was told he could have £15 off since it wasn't what he ordered.  Not satisfied with this, after discussing it with myself and Nik and sending us the above image, we said it wasn't what we ordered and we don't want it.  They would not be able to make another one and have it shipped in time as it's now just two weeks to go and grey ones are not available off the peg as it's an unusual colour (they are usually ivory or black).  They refused to give him his deposit back, despite it being nothing like what he ordered and just said if he didn't buy it, that was tough and he could take them to court!!!  (Luckily for us, Ishan was so angry about it all, he says he will chase it up himself as he doesn't want them to get away with this so at least we don't have to worry about that when we return from honeymoon!)

All of this was going on while I was trying to leave for my hair trial appointment and we had to make the decision while he was still in the shop of what to do.  It didn't take us long to decide that we would be better off without £200 and the awful jacket rather than paying the remaining £115 and still hating it on the day!  If we couldn't find a replacement in time, we would rather he wore a kilt like the ushers or just a plain grey suit.

Luckily, Anjali's Boutique seems to have saved the day as although it's still too late for them to have a Sherwani made and they only have ivory or black ones in stock, they did have a grey Kurta Pyjama, which is a similar traditional style but much more lightweight and not a suit style but over the head tunic style outfit.   It still has some embroidery and beading around the neck and although it's more like linen than silk, it's definitely the closest we'll get at such short notice!

Similar to these...

The other minor outfit disaster this weekend was the bridesmaids dresses!  We had the second fitting so got to see what the final dress would look like.  Unfortunately, despite choosing an empire line design which I thought would flatter all their shapes, it really wasn't flattering on either of the girls (Vikki was at her brother's wedding this weekend) as the dressmaker had had to put gathers under the empire line to allow enough fabric to flow at the bottom.  None of us said anything at the time, me fearing upsetting the girls by saying they looked bad in the dresses, them for not wanting to upset or worry me with 2 weeks to go and none of us for fear of what the dress lady would say!  I wasn't sure what could be done as we are making them at such short notice due to various pregnancies.  Luckily, after speaking to Claire she agreed that she thought the dress made her look overweight, despite her having lost and impressive three stone since her pregnancy last year!!! The last thing I want is for my girls to feel self conscious in the dresses and lack confidence on the day, so I emailed Margaret.  She called me the next day to decide what to do and was lovely, explaining that is what fittings are for and that we can change the gathers to tucks which can be ironed flat and should therefore skim the tummy rather than accentuate it as the gathers were doing.  She will also deepen the empire line band to make it more flattering down to the waist as in the original dress which should also help!

So, although it's been a very busy and stressful weekend, we seem to have some reasonable solutions; I have dropped off all the vases at the florist (so can see at least half of my hall again!); Nik, Mum and I have been busy making poms (more on them later) in between everything else; we've finalised the menu and running of the day after a great meeting with Indus; Mum and I have been busy with my buttons which I refuse to explain since it's driving everyone at work nuts since I won't tell them what all the buttons are for that kept arriving in parcels! (hee hee); my hair trial went well with my customised (thanks to Mum's crafty skills) tiara; we've decided on the table plan display and begun production of that; I made a mini bouquet for my cheese mouse (more on them later); chosen all the songs for our wedding video; finished off the kids' favour bags with their place names; made more poms and have started writing our order of day!!!

I think I could use another day week off work!

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