Thursday, 11 August 2011

Cheese Choosing :)

We had a really fun time choosing and tasting cheeses for our Cheese Table at Dobbies Food Hall!  We initially wanted only Scottish cheeses but found a few English ones that were too yummy to leave!  We decided to keep them all British though.

We ended up choosing a few, including some green ones of course :)

The first one was Drumloch which is a Scottish Cheddar type of cheese made using cows milk.

It has a beautiful creamy texture, a wonderful clean odour, a delightful, and wholly natural, light golden colour and simply the best flavour.
It holds a Gold medal awarded at the British cheese awards as well as being declared the best Scottish farmhouse cheese in taste trials conducted by the Scottish Agricultural College.

The second was the wonderfully named How's Yer Father which is a Creamy Lancashire cheese with a gentle, smooth and creamy taste and texture.

The third was Cornish Garlic Yarg which is creamy and slightly crumbly and covered in wild garlic leaves which impart a delicate garlic flavour.

The final one from Dobbies was Smelly Apeth which is a medium soft blue cheese with a mild sweet nuttiness.

They didn't have any British Brie (only French) so we went to Waitrose to see what they had and found not only a lovely English Brie but a delicious Wensleydale with Cranberries.

Somerset Brie is creamy with a mild, fresh flavour and a soft edible white rind.

Hawes Wensleydale with Cranberries is a delicious creamy-white Wensleydale cheese with a flaky open texture, fresh clean flavour and honeyed-after taste which is enhanced by the delicate fruity succulence of pure sweet Cranberries.

We also bought some green grapes and pears to serve with the cheeses and decorate the table.

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