Sunday, 7 August 2011

DIY Dragonfly seed paper

I saw some seeded paper butterflies online when doing some wedding research and thought it would make a nice gift that the children can take home and plant.  The seeds in the paper then germinate and wild flowers will grow.

I couldn't find any dragonflies for sale in the UK, only butterflies.  I did find some dragonflies but they were in the USA and $2.55 each.  In the end, I found some plain seeded paper sheets on ebay and managed to get one for a mere 56p with free delivery!!  All I had to do was cut out the shapes I wanted so I used my template like I did for my cheese markers.

They were much easier to cut out than the plastic tray!  I then printed some card with the planting instructions I found online and stuck the dragonfly to the card with blu-tak to stop it bending.  I then wrapped them in some of my green organza to make it prettier and popped them in the favour bags.

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