Thursday, 18 August 2011

Life update :)

I've been catching up a lot with blog posts about the wedding planning I just didn't have time to write about before the big day!  There are still a few more of those to come, not to mention the photos which I'm still waiting for, ggnnnnnnnnghhhh (impatient, it's torture!!!)  But, I decided that it was time for a wee update on life post-wedding!  Plus something exciting has happened!  :D

Since we returned from honeymoon (those posts are still to come too!), life hit with a bang!  We were both back at work the very next day, having been so lucky to have had so long off!  Since then it has been a busy time with Nik starting his new job and working long shifts, I hardly saw him last weekend with his 9:00-21:30 shifts each day at the hospital plus travelling time.  I am however loving being a wife!  Things are really just the same as we've already been living together for 3 years, but it still feels different which is nice.  I've also been preoccupied with the excessive amount of organising it takes to change your name!  Life will settle down soon though and this weekend will be a good one, we're off to Durham on the Friday night to see his parents en route to Doncaster on Saturday for my Grandma's surprise 80th BBQ!  AND we get to go in our shiny new car!!!!  :) :) :)

I have been driving my lovely GREEN (yes I'm predictable!) Ford Focus for 5 years, and sadly it is now dying at 10 years old. The radiator started leaking, the car itself leaked into the foot-well when it rained so had a rather delightful smell of damp all winter (and lets face it, most of the rest of the year in Glasgow!), the rear and front bumpers had slight damage (not entirely my fault I hasten to add!) and it had silly string stuck in the speakers and other nooks and crannies (how do you spell crannies??) after my girls (Liz, Suzie, hmmmm!) went at it with the confetti, silly string and a huge home made tiara!  Yes they are amazing and I promise to post pictures soon!!!  And yet we still managed to get something for it as a trade-in! Methinks they didn't check it thoroughly enough...meh.

Soooooo, what do we have now?  A beautiful 2 year old silver (I will be adding green touches somehow) Qashqai Tekna and I love it!

We have already been accused of buying a 'family wagon' and yes, we do plan to keep this car for a few years and we do plan on starting a family at some point so it is a practical car (with wipe-able leather seats) but also, I just really like it!!!  It's spacious and fun and a wee bit sexy in my opinion.  I'm sure lots of people will disagree about the sexy part but I'm too excited to care :)

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Glasgow Mummy said...

Car will be perfect for transporting a little one (or two) around :-)

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