Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My second (mini but fabulous) Hen!

Yep, I'm greedy!  I need to make the most of this 'bride' thing while I still can - only 17 days to go now!!!  I had always liked the idea of a spa break for my hen, but it is rather expensive to expect all my girls to pay out for a weekend of treatments and it's not everyone's cup of tea.  So after deciding on the hen night in Glasgow, I asked my bridesmaids, Mum, MIL to be and my two 'spare' Mums (ladies I used to work with and am very close to) if they fancied a mini hen spa weekend.  Needless to say, all eight of us LOVE being pampered!

Despite a bit of drama three weeks before the planned weekend, we ended up in the charming Blythswood Hotel and Spa.

Me & Viks in the fancy lobby

Me & Mum (& Freda's finger!)

Me & 'The Mums!'

The Friday night gang!

On the Friday night there were 6 of us, Mum, Rohi (future MIL), Vikki (bridesmaid and best friend), Freda (2nd Mum from my old job in Livingston) and Gillian (2nd Auntie from same Livingston job).  We had booked dinner for the 6 of us for the Friday night in the hotel restaurant as this was the meal included in our deal.  Unfortunately when we made our way down, they only had a booking for two people from the three rooms!  They did however initially deal with this in a very impressive way, we were immediately told we could wait in the bar while they sorted out our table and we would be given complimentary cocktails and someone would look after us and bring us menus.  Bonus!  Or so we thought!

We were brought a bottle of prosecco (the same thing we had just been drinking in our rooms as that was also included in our deal) and not free cocktails which was a little disappointing after what we were told but as it was free we didn't like to complain!  So we settled in to the bar and I was filling Gillian and Freda in on the previous weeks shenanigans.  No one brought us menus, no one brought us snacks or nibbles, no one 'looked after us'.  After an HOUR of waiting and having long since finished our bottle of prosecco between five of us (Vikki did at least get a free non-alcoholic cocktail as she was preggers!) we were now starving and in need of more drinks, we asked for some bread or something to eat and were brought the bar snack menu so ordered deep fried artichokes and olives.  We were brought 3 pieces of artichoke and a small ramekin of olives between the 6 of us (again a little disappointing).  Eventually, after we asked, we were brought restaurant menus and we asked again how long it would be.  We were just giving our orders for cocktails when they finally came to get us (we did wonder if they had forgotten about us!) after 90 minutes of waiting.

Six starving ladies!
When we finally got dinner it was about 10.15pm so we were super hungry!  The food was delicious though, we all enjoyed it.  We received an apology from the reception manager as it had been their mistake with the booking so we said we were hoping to go back up to the bar for those free cocktails after dinner.  Instead, they gave us free dessert at the end of our meal which, despite being full to the brim by then, was also very tasty.

Freda very excited about her napkin on a plate!

Mum's delish creme brulee 

Freda much happier after her dessert arrives!

Rohi very happy after demolishing hers!

The next day, we had a lovely time enjoying our treatments and using the spa.  The spa was excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed all our treatments, especially the new mums, Claire and Sarah!  Me and ''The Mum's'' each had the Chakra Well Being Massage which lasted a dreamy 2 hours and was sooo relaxing, just the thing before the wedding!  It incorporated a body scrub, massage, mini facial and scalp treatment including pouring warm oil over the forehead at the end which was a strange but lovely feeling!

We enjoyed a delicious lunch in the spa (luckily we found a spot as we hadn't thought to book that and it was very busy!) with paninis and scones and some yummy hot chocolate.

We did eventually get our cocktails that evening and, although not free, they were also yummy!


My girlies!

Posers! :)

We then headed out for dinner to Bar MC at Abode round the corner.  We had booked a 5pm deal which included wine with our meals.  After dinner we all went back to the Mums' room to polish off the mini bottles of Cava from the first hen night and relax in our robes!

Girls in our robes
I managed to get a late check out the next morning so I had a bit of time to indulge in a lovely bubble bath with a magazine :)


After we all checked out, Sarah, Me and the two Mums all headed to the bar for Afternoon Tea...

Amazing Afternoon Tea

The hardcore four!  


The aftermath
All in all, it was a pretty amazing weekend!!!  I really do have the most fablious friends!  Yes, that's fab-lee-ous!  :)

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