Sunday, 14 August 2011

My wedding pants!

Nik has often referred to me as 'Da Missus', even before we were married, so I had an idea to surprise him on the wedding day when it came to bedtime with some special pants!  I also wore them for the photos I mentioned I gave him as one of his wedding day presents.

I had seen the personalised underwear you can get with Mrs 'X' embroidered on the bum.  The only ones I could find were blue, white, nude or black.  I really wanted a pair of olive green pants with sparkly writing so decided to try and make customise my own.  I thought if I could get a white pair of cotton pants I could dye them green and find an iron on transfer for the writing.

Finding the underwear was easy - quick trip to M&S and I got these so I had 4 spares in case any went wrong! Nice bit of lace at the front but plenty of space on the bum for the writing and super comfy to boot :)

Next I found the transfers on ebay.  They can make custom ones to say anything you like so I asked for 'Da Missus' (and bought some for my bridesmaids!)

I had trouble finding the right colour dye, all the 'olive' green ones I found were too dark but when I was hunting for some wedding bits and bobs in Hobbycraft one day I spotted these Pebeo fabric paints in LOADS of colours, including my perfect colour, Greengold opaque!

This is actually Aniseed green but I couldn't find a pic of Greengold!
Then began the messy part!  Because it was paint and not dye, I had to try and paint over the whole area of the pants and decided the best way was just with my fingers rather than trying to use a brush on fabric.

Front half done :)

Clever use of nose to press the shutter!  ;)

After that, I ironed them to fix the colour and then ironed on the transfer.  I also found these silver metal dragonfly transfers on ebay and added one of them.

Dragonfly transfers

Finished product!  :D


Sasha said...

Is it hygienic to wear them with this paint on? lol
Good job, Bex!

Prettiest Hobo said...

I've just stumbled across this and can't stop giggling. Ba ha ha ha this is actually my favourite part of your wedding-ness ;) xxx

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