Sunday, 14 August 2011

Presents for the Mums :)

We wanted to get something special for "The Mums" that they could wear on the day and use again.  Nik's Mum tends to wear gold but I had no idea what to get.  Her sister suggested a bangle would be a good idea as she could wear it with the others she already has and we found this lovely one from Swarovski.

I originally planned to get them the same thing but my Mum finds bangles very uncomfortable so I found a lovely tennis bracelet for her in silver, also from Swarovski.

I also wanted to give them something which would remind them of the wedding so found a gold and a silver dragonfly charm on ebay.

I also found this gorgeous card for our messages thanking "The Mums" - as they became known at the Hen Night(s).

I even got them their own pairs of black heart sunglasses so they could join in with me & my maids!

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