Sunday, 14 August 2011

Presents for our Ushers and Dads :)

Our ushers were my brother, David and Nik's best friend, Stephen.  For them and our Fathers we bought these gorgeous little pewter hip flasks from John Lewis.  We thought they were nicer (I just think they're super cute!) than the usual size and more discreet if you're sneaking a wee sip.

We had them engraved at Timpsons to say thank you and our wedding date and pre-filled them with Scotch for Nik's Dad and brother, Ishan and Sloe Gin for my Dad, David and Stephen as they don't like Whisky.


We also had ruched ties made using matching satin fabric to the bridesmaids dresses for those wearing kilts (Nik in the evening, the Ushers and my Dad).

I found this tie on Amazon for Nik's Dad to wear with his grey suit.

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