Monday, 8 August 2011

Some DIY bling!

I bought my tiara from a stand at the Scottish Wedding Show at SECC for £45 (£20 discount on the day).   I didn't want a crown or princess style tiara but I did want something with a bit of bling and although I never REALLY loved it, it was subtle but still sparkly enough.  I also liked the fact the design was off to one side. 

The original Tiara from Panache just after we started unravelling it!

When I found this gorgeous dragonfly brooch from Ebuni I wasn't quite sure how to incorporate it, I was thinking I could pin it to my bag but then had the idea of putting it on my tiara or another diamante headband.  I loved it enough to buy it anyway and decide what to do later (even though it was a bit pricey at £87!!)

Brooch from Ebuni

Luckily my crafty Mum was able to unravel my original tiara and rewire it with the brooch in place of the flowers!  Perfect!

Mum wiring on the dragonfly

New look tiara!
Another wee bit of bling I wanted to add were some crystals to the bridesmaids' shoes.  I think it just jazzed them up a bit as they were flat and a wee bit boring although very comfortable and the perfect silver colour.  We just stuck them on with double sided tape as it was less messy than fabric glue and only needed to last one day!

Shoes from Nine West

Before on the right, after on the left.

Post Wedding Update:

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