Sunday, 7 August 2011

Super-hero Masks

I got this inspiration when browsing etsy and accidentally came across some felt masks which could be decorated by gluing on shapes and glitter.  We decided against this as we didn't want our guests (and potentially us) and their lovely outfits to end up covered in glue and glitter which would inevitably happen when the kids got their hands on such an activity!  I did still like the idea of the kids having fun and running around pretending to be super-heroes though, so I decided to make some masks and leave the glue out of it!

I bought some bargainous foam from Bonnypack for just 35p +VAT for 5 sheets (and 5 sheets of felt) in various colours.  I drew a template on paper to get the shape right before drawing them onto the foam sheets and cutting them out.  I tested the first one to try and get the eyes right, remembering that kids will have smaller faces than me of course!

Making use of my time at work when patients don't turn up!

We then used some rivets to stop the holes tearing where we tied on the elastic (both from Mandors).  The extra ones will be used as props for our photo booth.

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