Sunday, 25 September 2011

Girls' weekend

It's the September weekend in Glasgow but Nik is working, booo!  He does have Monday off though so we will do something together then (although it will most likely be more tackling of the grand de-cluttering!)

However, for now I am having fun with my girls!  :D

Last night we had a few glasses of fizz at my flat (using up the wedding Prosecco, nibbles kindly provided by Claire) and then went for dinner at Alea which was delicious!  I had the pate and steak & chips - very yummy!  Followed by cocktails in the bar...

Today we headed to Blythswood Square Hotel for a cupcake master-class that Sarah spotted and booked for us while I was on honeymoon!  It was great fun learning some new decorating techniques and we got to bring home the 4 that we decorated (currently trying to resist!)

Set up with 4 naked cupcakes 
My 1st design :)

My 1st attempt at piping a rose

My 1st attempt at piping individual rose petals!

Sarah's very proud of her amazing effort!

I'm pretty pleased with mine too!

My 4 cupcakes all packed up :)

I highly recommend the course, it was great fun and followed by sandwiches and one of the more professionally decorated cakes from our teacher!  I can't wait to get practising on my own batch!

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