Tuesday, 20 September 2011

One Hundred!

This is my 100th post since starting my blog 29 weeks (almost 7 months) ago in February.  In that time I have had 2553 page views.  Which I think is great as I've only told very few people about it, initially just my bridesmaids and Mum!  I've decided since I am going to continue with it and have no more wedding secrets from guests that I want to try and get a few more readers now and on Sarah's advice have decided to finally succumb and join Twitter!!!  Please follow me @OliveDragonfly.

To mark the 100th post I wanted to start sharing my wedding pictures and decided to post this one despite having no people in it...

Those of you who might have read my blog from the beginning may remember this post with my gorgeous apothecary jars and this is what we put in the larger one!  Personalised green and white M&Ms with our names and wedding date on!  I also like to think of the M standing for my new surname!   ;)

I am waiting to post all of our pictures until after I send them in to Rock My Wedding in case they decide to feature our wedding (they want online exclusivity of the wedding until they have posted it).  Fingers crossed they like it as I would love to be one of their featured brides, especially given how so much of my inspiration came from there and I would love to share how I put my own touch on those ideas.  Plus I would just be so excited to be on those blue polka dot pages I became so addicted to and inspired me to start my own blog!

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