Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wedding Frenzy

Here are some examples of the real wedding frenzy when it was in full swing...

These show the table plan planning, pom making, button wiring for buttonholes and my button heart, some last minute stationery - place names, table plan, etc., organza for the jams and the kids seed paper dragonflies, the kids goody bags and many, many lists!  These were taken during the few weeks just before the wedding (in hindsight I would have tried to get these things done waaaay in advance but did really value mum's input with certain DIY details).

The hotel welcome packs almost ready to go!

Luckily the in-laws came up a day or 2 early and were put to work helping with the napkins

Auntie Alison was put to work tying the poms onto the nylon thread

Mum, Uncle Mark and David (my bro) all working on the napkins!
The napkins were delivered just 2 days before the wedding from the linen hire company (I had asked for them as early as possible) so we could tie on the green ribbon bows and attach my little dragonfly charms to each one.  This was all happening during the time we were wasting in the Boutique and then having our final dance lesson.  Thank god for family, I would have been up 'til god knows when the night before the wedding if it weren't for them!  Not to mention my Dad who brought me wine when I had a bit of a tearful session after the stressful events of the day and I returned to find that they had run out of ribbon and found another bit that unbeknownst to them I had been saving for a cake stand on the cheese table.  Ridiculous thing to cry about, I know, but it was just the straw that broke the camel's back after that day!   I did feel bad for getting upset when they had only been trying to help but luckily Dad seemed to understand it wasn't really about the ribbon.

And the napkins looked fab on the day!  :)  I honestly can't thank my family (newly extended and all) for all of their help in the lead up and for putting up with me being a stress-head!

Photo by Julie Kerr :)

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