Saturday, 22 October 2011


I haven't been feeling great this week, think I've just had a bad cold but I'll admit I'm a bit pathetic when it comes to being ill!  I haven't even been blogging and I had no prepared posts to put up but I'm feeling a bit bored today and felt like catching up a bit...

So, as promised, here are some more pictures of the activities I have already managed to tick off my 'Life List'!  I've been really enjoying going through these old photos on my hard drive.  Next up, bungee jumping!  

I never thought I this was something I would do, despite having already done a skydive by then, a bungee jump was scarier to me.  I think mainly because when skydiving, you have a harness around your whole body which feels secure, but bungee jumping you're only tied around your ankles!  (You can see I did have a hip harness on as a back up but you don't feel it tight around you.)  Also, although this may sound strange, being closer to the ground was scarier, like you could see how close you were when you jumped.  Jumping into the open sky thousands of feet up wasn't as bad for some reason.

Anyway, while I was staying in Cairns, Australia (during my 5 weeks of freedom travelling by myself between working in clinics for my University Elective that summer) I met a group of fun guys and a girl in my hostel who planned on going bungee jumping the next day and as I was already being brave on my solo adventure trip of a lifetime I decided to join them and go for it!  In fact, I ended up going first!

Looking a bit nervous (and holding on tight!)

Leap of Faith (if you look closely you can see my screaming face!)


We all got unlimited day tickets which turned out well as after the first one I couldn't wait to get back up there and go again!  Although by the time I climbed all the way back up the steps, I was just as terrified again!  Lol, talk about adrenaline rush!  I have kept all the emails I sent home during my trip and this is what I wrote home that day...

Bungy jumping was amazing, booked the unlimited jump so ended up doing 5    jumps, 2 of which were backwards and 1 into the water!  V scary but sooo    much fun!  Have bought the video so u can all see my terrified face at the  top of the tower! Off out tonight to celebrate braveness/stupidity after    bungying!
Jumping off backwards - even scarier!!!

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