Monday, 17 October 2011


So many things going on in blog land today!!!  Seriously wish I didn't have to work some days so I could just spend all day reading and being inspired!

First of all, I am loving Florence Finds which just launched today and has a very similar outlook to my own blog - a mixture of all the things I love; food, books, fashion, interiors...  It is done in a much more professional, stylish way, it's more of a style guide covering the many aspects of life whereas mine is more just my diary of ramblings with a few recipes and ideas thrown in from time to time.  I suspect Florence Finds will become my new blog obsession just like RMW when I was wedding planning!  (Incidentally, Florence Finds is written by Rebecca of  RMW fame, this is her new venture since leaving  RMW and I think FF is an ideal progression!)

Secondly, this amazing wedding report from Mahj, my wedding twin (we both had fusion Indian themes, one shouldered dresses and bright colours involved), on Any Other Wedding.

Thirdly (there are more but I'm getting hungry!), my friend Sarah reminded me with her Pinteresting post today that I haven't given much away about my interior design plans other than the slow successes with de-cluttering.  I too have been busy on Pinterest of late and have some fab ideas for our newly styled 'African' Study, which is currently housing a pile of wedding remains and other 'stuff', including the storage of my framed prints in a rather messy fashion ready for craft fairs.

So here is a link to my Pinterest board of African Study Inspirations.  We already have the Ikea bed which you can see in this photo of the current mess and I was inspired by the pictures of the grey walls with all white furniture.  We have decided to stick with this theme along with a hint of orange (although I may decide to leave the colour a bit more free and have the odd mix of colours instead).

I have therefore been looking for a nice white desk to replace the current old beech effect one I inherited from my Mum's craft room when she moved abroad.

So far, these are the main contenders...
Duro Curved Desk in White, We Are Furniture

Madison Desk in White, Dwell
Opus Desk in White, Next

My current favourite is the top one as the right hand side is actually a cupboard which gives you more versatile storage than all drawers.  The last one is a bit too shallow I think.  Nik unfortunately disagrees with me, as usual, and thinks they have too much storage although he has been unable to come up with a better solution so far and we do need to store all our paper, labels, photo paper, stationery, guillotine, printer ink, blank CDs, stamps, etc, etc... which I currently have trouble locating in this mess...

We are keeping the white filing cabinet which does house important paper work (of which we seem to have a lot, despite going as paperless as possible).  We are also keeping the wall mounted storage above the desk which currently has CDs and some of Nik's random 'stuff' in.  We want to get rid of the small desk under the window and the drawers and plastic filing we currently have underneath it for paper and stationery.  I think it would look much more spacious and less cluttered to have a shelf built out from the window in the little nook there to keep the printers on and utilise the built in storage of one of the above desks for everything else.  The shelf could then also make a nice window seat if we decide to move the printers (don't ask me why we have two!!) onto the desk.

We will hopefully make some more progress this week as Nik is off work and able to start sorting more of his stuff and I'm sure we'll have a few more arguments discussions about the desk/shelf options.  I'm now starving and off to make some pasta, hope you enjoyed this bonus post today!  :) x

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Anonymous said...

Sorry Nik ,i prefer the top one!

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