Monday, 3 October 2011

Honeymoon Pt 1 - Travelling in Style ;)

Well here is the first instalment of my honeymoon report...

Our Honeymoon started as soon as we got to the airport as we had booked business class flights on the way there using our saved up air miles with BA.  (All those credit card points from wedding purchases helped too!)

When we arrived in Heathrow from Glasgow we had a 5 hour wait so made our way to the business class lounge.  We asked at the entrance how we could book one of the 1st class cabanas for the way back as we had first class seats on the way back from Nairobi.  The BA lady thought we were entitled to use the 1st class lounge on the way as well as it was on the same booking so sent us down to the Concorde lounge.  They, however, disagreed and said we were only allowed in when we arrive in Heathrow after our flight home so we returned back upstairs.  She saw us coming and seemed shocked they hadn't let us in, we said we really didn't mind but she insisted on escorting us back down and asked if we were on honeymoon (they had guessed we were).  The staff discussed it while we hovered patiently and she apologised that she had been wrong but since she had told us we could get in they would let us!  Bonus!!

Yummy Antipasti and Fish Pie with Champers

We went straight to the fancy restaurant area and had a delicious lunch with some Champagne.  We then found a comfy sofa with a fake fire and settled in with our free wi-fi and checked out all the wedding pictures that had already started appearing on facebook, nearly missing our flight as a result of having so much fun, oops!!

Chocolate brownie and coffee

Fake fire

On the plane I immediately felt better as they came round with orange juice or champagne (easy choice!) and we got settled in.

I had planned on wearing a glam honeymoon outfit for my Business Class experience but in the last minute panic of re-packing to try and get the luggage weight down I settled on comfy linen trousers and a vest!  How boring.
We were brought menus and I started watching one of the films.  I watched Red Riding Hood (wasn't impressed) and then Rango (which was great fun)!  I had steak for dinner which was surprisingly nice!

We arrived in Dar Es Salaam and got our connecting flight to Zanzibar on a teeny tiny plane (hence the luggage weight issues - I mean 15kg INCLUDING hand luggage - ridiculous!!!  My camera gear weighs about 10kg!!) with just 8 passengers including us and were met at the other end by our driver on the Island who took us to our first resort where we stayed for 3 days...

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