Saturday, 1 October 2011

Lucky Bex!

I blogged about our fabulous wedding gifts the other day and how lucky we are to have been given so many thoughtful things as well as our amazing honeymoon.  I also wanted to mention one of the best gifts I received which was from my new in-laws.

I decided it needed its own post as the story is the best part and it is so precious to me, so kind of them and just a great example of the generous, thoughtful, loving family I am lucky to have as my in-laws.  Here's the story...

The week before the wedding, Nik's parents had come up for his graduation ceremony in Glasgow.  The day they arrived was the day after my Dad arrived from Saudi and the same day we found out that Nik's outfit had been delayed AGAIN and would not arrive until the following week (i.e. 3 or 4 days before the wedding).  We also suffered the tomato set back and were way behind on the jam favours!  Needless to say, things were emotional and I was rather upset and more than a little stressed!

Thankfully I have very understanding in-laws (or just too scared of 'Crazy Bex' to say anything - I refuse to use the word Bridezilla!) and they mucked in that weekend and helped out tremendously with jam making after the graduation.  Anyway...back to the point...the evening they arrived, I was very upset when Nik told me in our room what had gone wrong with his outfit and had a few wee tears of worry.  After comforting me with lots of hugs and telling me it would all be fine, he left me alone to sort myself out only to return and suddenly demand I get ready immediately for dinner, even though we weren't leaving for an hour (we'd booked a table at a local Tapas place for us and all the parents to go out.)

Little did I know as I frantically tried to straighten my hair that Nik's Mum had said to him when he left me alone that they had brought me a wedding gift and as I was so upset, could they please give it to me now as I needed cheering up.  When I was getting ready, I remember Nik's Mum came knocking on the door looking for me, I said she could come in, but she insisted they wanted me to come out (I hadn't even said hello properly yet with all that was going on!) so I hurriedly got ready and went into the living room, thinking it was a little strange that she wouldn't come in to chat.

When I came into the living room it was all a bit odd again as Nik was there with the camera and everyone was in there...

There was a Tiffany bag on the coffee table...

Nik's parents gave me said Tiffany bag - I instantly assumed it had something else in it and they just used the nice bag...


There was a Tiffany box inside!  A rather large Tiffany box!

Naturally I opened the card first, as always - I feel it is the polite thing to do
(although I generally can't wait to rip into the gift!)  ;)

The card had butterflies and dragonflies on it and a truly lovely message written in it which I will save for the end as I believe in saving the best for last...

Here is Nik's series of photographs...

Genuinely amazed!!

And delighted at what's inside!!

The super stylish Mums having a look while I put my new bling on!
I think the grin says it all!
Saying thank you!

Checking it out in the mirror!
This is the stunning dragonfly necklace they gave me!
These are the gorgeous earrings they gave me!
Me & MIL
DIL taking it all in his stride

The message said...

Dearest B,
Welcome to the family, daughter-in-law 2B!
Here is a token of our love.  The Tiffany pendant is to feed your addiction to dragonflies.  The emerald and diamond earrings are suitably sparkly - we know your favourite colour is green.
We hope you enjoy wearing these.
With all our love and blessings, 
V and R

And I do, I LOVE wearing them!  Do I not have the best in-laws that ever existed??  Needless to say, I was pretty much cheered right up!

Even more so after the yummy sangria at the Tapas place!!

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