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Ultimate List

I just noticed that the last bit of my list and my recent update was missing from my Life List Page.  I have no idea why this happened as I know it published correctly and I have managed to save it by finding a cached version via Google, (PHEW!!) I hadn't saved my recent updated list anywhere else as I thought it was safe so the whole post is now saved in a Word document and I decided to publish it as a normal post as well so here it is - in case you missed it before anyway!  ;)

So here it is, my list.  I have updated it and plan to keep doing so (although not in alphabetical order!)  (Green ones I had already done, red ones are ones I have done since I last updated it in 2005.) 

My Ultimate List...

q  Travel in Australia – by myself  
q  Visit Egypt – see the pyramids  
q  Visit Rio de Janeiro – see the carnival
q  Live in Australia
q  Go to Italy
q  See Niagra Falls
q  Visit the Cook Islands
q  Visit Malaysia
q  Go to Disney World, Florida
q  Go to California
q  Go to Germany and use the language I learned in school 
q  Go to Thailand
q  See the Grand Canyon
q  See Antelope Canyon, Arizona
q  Go to Vegas
q  Go on Safari in Africa 
q  Go shopping in New York
q  Go to San Francisco
q  Go to the Caribbean   
q  Go to a Greek Island   
q  Go to the Middle East  
q  Visit France   
q  Go to Spain   
q  Go to Canada  
q  Stay in Hollywood  
q  Shop in LA   
q  Walk along the Great Wall of China
q  Go to Japan
q  Go to Russia
q  Climb the Eiffel Tower  
q  Visit London
q  Travel cross country on a sleeper train (choose country)
q  Swim (or float) in the Dead Sea
q  Visit the Louvre
q  Visit all the continents (Europe, Americas, Australia, Africa, Asia, Antarctica.... )
q  Visit the Taj Mahal at sunrise/sunset
q  Go to Iceland
q  Go horse-riding in Ireland 
q  Go horse-riding in Argentina
q  Go to Vancouver
q  Go to Croatia
q  Go for a long weekend to Prague
q  Go to South Africa
q  Go on an all inclusive holiday 
q  Visit Melbourne
q  Go sailing around the Whitsunday Islands
q  Visit Fraser Island  

q  Fly in a Hot-Air Balloon
q  Learn to Scuba Dive    
q  Dive on the Great Barrier Reef   
q  Dive in the Red Sea
q  Dive in the Maldives    
q  Dive in Tonga   
q  Dive in Mexico
q  Hang-glide
q  Learn to Ski
q  Go 4 wheel driving   
q  Abseil SAS style    
q  Abseil down a cliff
q  Go parasailing     
q  Go paint-balling    
q  Learn to Surf      
q  Surf in Hawaii
q  Water-ski    
q  Bungee-jump    
q  Gallop along a beach at sunset   
q  Horse ride on an American Ranch
q  Tandem sky-dive from 12,000 feet   
q  Sky-dive solo   
q  Freefall sky-dive solo
q  Learn to Sail   
q  Go jet-skiing    
q  Go kayaking with dolphins
q  Ride in a Helicopter
q  Go White-water Rafting
q  Go caving – see glow-worms
q  Swim with Hump-back Whales  
q  Learn to Snowboard
q  Swim with Dolphins
q  Go canoeing
q  Go body-boarding   
q  Go skim-boarding   
q  Learn to Roller-blade   
q  Ice-skate on a real Lake
q  Go on a huge roller-coaster – in the dark 
q  Go in a glass bottomed elevator  
q  Climb a mountain  
q  Go glacier climbing
q  Do a photography course  
q  Learn to ride a motor-bike
q  Ride pillion on a motor-bike   
q  Dive with sharks  
q  Ride a camel in the desert
q  See Stonehenge
q  Sleep in a haunted castle
q  Ride a quad-bike   
q  Wing-walk
q  Ride an elephant
q  Hike through a Rainforest  
q  Go camping  

q  Make ice-cream
q  Make bread
q  Brew my own beer
q  Cook a Thai curry from scratch
q  Grow herbs
q  Eat a Michelin star meal
q  Drink a good vintage wine
q  Fly first class
q  See a huge concert  
q  Drive a convertible with the top down and music blaring
q  Go on a cruise
q  Buy and decorate my own home 
q  Get married
q  Have a baby
q  Win a photography competition   
q  Make a ball dress    
q  Make a coat
q  Be in a studio audience
q  Donate blood
q  Visit a chocolate factory
q  See the Monarch Butterfly's Annual Migration in Mexico
q  Tour a vineyard   
q  Stay at the New York Plaza for a night
q  Visit a temple
q  Learn Sign Language   
q  See a fashion Show
q  Host a fancy posh dinner party
q  Own an amazing (if pointless) designer item
q  Spend Christmas on a beach
q  Buy my parents a surprise holiday
q  Sleep under the stars
q  Go skinny-dipping
q  Ask someone I just met on a date
q  Kiss someone in the rain
q  See the Aurora Borealis
q  Bartend for a summer   
q  Go to a music festival    
q  Shower under a waterfall
q  Send a message in a bottle
q  Plant a tree
q  Be someone’s mentor
q  Grow a garden
q  Experience weightlessness
q  Swim in a Gorge  
q  Swim under a waterfall
q  Learn to show-jump    
q  Ride on a powerboat   
q  Go clay-pigeon shooting   
q  Try archery
q  Go indoor rock climbing

I plan to keep updating this list, even with ridiculous things I may never do, but it's good to have dreams, even if they are unlikely!

So the latest list update - which in the interest of sharing these lists (and as Kathryn andMaggie say) may have a few stolen ideas on it along with some crazy ones and some I have already completed but still want to include on my list!  ;) ...

Dive in Indonesia
Make the most amazing cupcakes
Celebrate my Golden Anniversary
Save someone's life
Take an AMAZING underwater photo
Win an underwater photo competition
Learn to eat with chopsticks properly
Write a blog!
Build a tree house
Model in a studio
Fly a plane
Learn Floristry 

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