Saturday, 29 October 2011

A wee painting project

It has been raining and miserable today so I set Nik the challenge of sorting out his desk so we can build the new one tomorrow!!  We eventually chose a different one to those I posted before - Nik found us one in Ikea that we both love.  The best thing is, you can design your own from the range so if you want more drawers or 2 cupboards or just legs, you can!  We have chosen to have one set of drawers and one cupboard at each end...

So while he was sorting out his paperwork, I worked on the following little project with some old drawers and our grey testers!  Of which we ended up with 9!!!  Turns out that a lot of the pale greys we like were quite blueish in our back room.  It only has a corner window so we have looked at them in daylight and at night with the lights on so we get a proper idea of what it might look like.

It is between the middle one in the bottom row and the one to the left of it.

Nik's messy desk and the remaining vases & bits for sale
We're doing well with the de-cluttering and have already made a huge difference as you can see, we're slowly getting there...

So I carried on with my wee project using up some of the tester pots in the living room...

Old box drawers from Ikea - previously painted back in 2000 to go with my lilac bedroom
I did have a brown painted set from 2006 as well and have just re-done 2 for now.
2 contrasting tester pots.  The colours look a lot lighter in the living room.
Done :)
We're really pleased with the result - a new lease of life.

I might do the 3rd set in a darker shade.

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