Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Written Word

I really love to read.  Once you get past that point in a book where you're learning what kind of story it is and how it's going to grab you, it's just the best feeling.  Being hooked, wanting to know what happens next, how it's going to end.  Once I get to that point I find it very difficult to put down, or not to go to bed early just to fit in more time reading.  I love that it's a hobby you can take anywhere (except the car, that makes me sick!)

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I mostly read in bed, all cosy with the duvet right up around my neck.  I love it!  I can't sleep without reading first to take my mind off everything else that might be going on in my life, otherwise I am one of these people who goes over and over thinking about things when I should be sleeping!  When I get to the 'can't put it down' stage though I will read anywhere, at work on breaks, in the garden, on the train, in the bath or on a beach if I'm lucky!  But if I'm at home I will most often get into bed - even if it's the middle of the day, or if I've just woken up on the weekend I will sometimes lie there and read for a bit...bliss!  I'm sure I will miss this luxury when we start a family so I enjoy making the most of it now.  I think the fact I love to read helps explain my latest obsession with reading blogs - a whole new aspect with so many different views and ideas to immerse myself in.

I recently discovered Goodreads which is a website where you can effectively 'log' all of the books you have ever read and list ones you want to read in the future, even what you are currently reading.  (You may have noticed my new little widget at the side of the blog which will tell you what I am reading at the moment?)  I love the fact it then gives you recommendations (much like Amazon which it does link to - very handy when you have found a book you want to buy) for books you may like based on what you have read.  It's even better than Amazon as there are many books I have read but haven't bought from Amazon so it has a more accurate idea of what I like to read.  I used to read a lot of books from charity shops or borrowed from friends even now I have my Kindle, I still like to browse the books in shops to get ideas and they are often still cheaper than kindle editions (this still surprises me!)  Also there is that feeling of holding a real book in your hands, creasing back the spine and the smell of real books!  Plus, you don't worry about dropping it in the bath so much!!

Imagine the delicious mustiness of these books!  (Image found here)

I do, however, LOVE my kindle.  It has made to huge differences in my life - being able to read as late as I like without disturbing Nik due to the built in light on the cover (I had tried lights you can attach to books but they only ever lit one side effectively - not an issue on the single sided kindle - and often fell off when turning the page - also not a problem with kindle!)  The other thing is packing.  I love to read on holiday, by the pool, on the beach, on the plane, in the airport, in bed...*  This inevitably means I need at least 5 books on a 2 week holiday.  I mentioned the issues we had with luggage on our honeymoon due to our internal flight restrictions (a ridiculously measly 15kg including hand luggage!!!) so I knew a kindle would be ideal. (Yes I even read books on honeymoon!)

Built in light

Luckily for me, my wonderful parents decided to give me a Kindle (complete with fabulous and of course green cover with built in light) for Christmas, but gave it to me early so I could get the full benefit when I needed it in Africa.  :D

The battery lasts for ages, even with the light in use a lot of the time.  The cover is clever, when the kindle is clipped in it powers the light so there is no need to change batteries or charge the cover separately.   I was dubious as to the claims of the screen looking like a real written page as opposed to the bright LCD screens we are so used to on laptops and tablet computers, but it really does work along with the claim of being able to read it in direct sunlight (important on the beach!)

I love** the fact that you can have up to 3,500 books with you in one small package, wherever you go with the ability to download them via WiFi.  I downloaded 5 new books while in Zanzibar as I hadn't had a chance to download enough of a variety before going away.  There is a huge choice of free books available as well, I have downloaded 13 free classics which I always planned to read but have never quite got around to yet.  (Tess of the d'Urbervilles, The Jungle Book, Five Children and It, Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights... to name just a few.)  I have noticed that you can get some cheaper e-books that have just been published, which later go up in price.  It pays to check the free e-book and best-seller lists on the kindle frequently to find bargains and new authors.

Thanks M&D! x

I do still miss that book smell though, put here way more eloquently than me.  (Link found when searching for a picture of a pile of books.)

* I do still actually speak to Nik when we are away, I just like to read in those times when we are relaxing or bored waiting in the airport and he usually has his iPod or iPad on ;)
** Hmmm, that's the eighth time I've said love in this post, can you tell I really, really like reading?  :D

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Anonymous said...

i love mine too!ditto to everything you said.....including thanks m&d!!
auntie ali x

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