Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Christmas Dinner

While I was making dessert ready for after dinner, I instructed (asked politely) my Bro-in-law to make some cocktails!  Which he did fabulously with fancy curly peel garnishes and everything!

The shaking face!

Very proud of his concoction!

Yum! (Time to stop taking pics!)

MIL approved too!

Nik taking charge and giving out instructions

Ishan gets his own back with the pics!

Ishan kilting the sausages, overseen by FIL

Nik basting the goose!
(Did I mention we had goose!?)

Going well!
So we ate Goose this year and it was delicious!  Would definitely have it again, despite warnings of lack of meat (large carcass) and too much fat, we all loved it!  We also had Nigella's Cherry Cola Ham again this year (I made it last year at MIL's house too), sprouts (love them!), cumin carrots, parsnips, orange and ginger stuffing balls, roasties (of course!) and kilted sausages (some naked as I prefer them that way).

Our feast!

Place names (made by Mum) and my crackers

Snowflake on cracker

My Cotton Ball lights along the table - LOVE them!

My yummy dinner!

Crowns on!

Kitchen Aid in use for the first time, whipping the cream for dessert!

Dessert - Heston's Chocolate and Cherry pudding, YUM!
It was a wonderful day, we all thoroughly enjoyed it and I think it was a great success as our first go hosting!  I couldn't have done it without my new family all helping out and my wonderful hubby who did the goose and roasties (and quite a lot more after I had started on the cocktails already!  Oops!)

Thank you to my in-laws for making it so much fun and allowing me to add some of my own traditions!  :)  I'm truly lucky to have you all in my life!  And to my brother for adding a bit of the old Wilson charm to the occasion!  :)

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thebabywife said...

I love the table dressing, and how it matches your beautiful green Kitchenaid.

That looks like a very yummy cocktail too - I'm impressed!


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