Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Curiosity Project Update

I still haven't received my box - I'm hoping it's just been delayed in the Christmas post and am waiting until after the bank holidays are over 'til I panic!  I will if course be disappointed if I don't receive a box but the reason I most wanted to join in was because I knew I would enjoy putting my box together.  I mentioned just how excited I was when I found out my person liked green as well.

Well she received it the week before Christmas and it seems to have been a hit.  Hooray!  Here is her report on The Curiosity Project Site.  The photos seem to be a bit dark so luckily I took a few myself before I packed it up (just in case it went missing or anything!)

I filled it with things I would like to receive and along the green theme and took note that my person had said she liked reading, things that smell nice and nature.  "I like nature and animals and reading and words and music and things which smell nice. And the colour green."  

I sent a double pack of my photo prints, a couple of my favourite recipes printed onto the same template as my party invites, one for carrot and cumin soup, one for the Christmas Fudge which I also included samples of, a green necklace, a glittery green snowflake decoration from a set I bought this year, a jar of our wedding favour jam (keeps very well and we're still eating it, in case you were wondering), a miniature version of my stockings I made, a mug with two teabags taken from one of the hotels we stayed at in Africa on honeymoon (hibiscus and green teas), an old green tea scented Pier candle (I bought loads when it was closing down as I loved the smell so much), the green bottle I had been saving from a set of Molton Brown mini bubble baths, a home-made card featuring another of my photos, a selection of some of the green buttons left from our wedding, a home-made friendship bracelet, a green wooden bangle, a packet of chewing gum and a book - The Host (which was one I found after reading the Twilight series by the same author but seems to have been ignored as it's not about vampires.  I found it very interesting and thought provoking, despite being a sci-fi which I found a little confusing to begin with.)

and a letter printed on this very cool snowflake template explaining my choices of presents.

The snowflakes from Mum in Saudi for me to layer together.

All wrapped up in tissue paper, raffia and ribbons.

Decorated Box :)

Special robin  heart tape

I'm so glad she liked it, I spent a lot of time deciding what to put in and making it look pretty!  Fingers crossed mine arrives soon!

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