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Happy Valentine's Day! (Grand Central Hotel - a review)

Nik and I actually celebrated Valentine's Day and our 5 year 'Anniversary' (of being together) last weekend as I was away and he was working this weekend and I work late on a Tuesday.  It seemed the best plan to combine our celebrations on what happened to be our 7 Month-iversary last Friday!

So, I left the plans up to Nik but told him I would like to go somewhere for our multi-celebration.  I was hoping he might book one of my favourite restaurants in Glasgow, Brian Maule's (he took me there for my first ever tasting menu experience on my 28th birthday not long after we moved in together).  What he actually booked was way better!  He booked a night in the hotel we stayed in on our wedding night.  The deal he managed to get included a bottle of Prosecco and chocolate dipped strawberries in our room, breakfast and dinner in the hotel restaurant.  Not only that but after booking, he found out his Mum had a letter entitling them to a discounted rate due to a mix up with the bill from the wedding.  As we had already booked, they were unable to discount the room so instead offered a free upgrade and as it was a Friday they happened to have a suite available!!  

The John Logie Baird Suite

I spent all day planning out the wonderful evening in my mind (it was a particularly rough day at work) and I couldn't wait to get into a luscious bubble bath with hubby and the free treats in our room (there's nothing like a glass of bubbles when submerged in bubbles!)  Unfortunately, although the suite was an amazing upgrade with a HUGE room, sitting room and bathroom, there was no bath!  

I was a little disappointed at first since I had so been looking forward to a nice soak but we still made the most of the lovely upgrade.  

We put on the robes provided and settled onto the big corner sofa with the strawberries, fizz and some chocolates I had brought.  I then surprised him with a few gifts, including some romantic pants!  lol

Silk heart print boxers

Fizz & Strawbs


After enjoying the goodies in our room we got ready and headed down to the stunning champagne bar which looks out over the train station - great for some people watching!  I wore my new dress (which goes perfectly with my wedding present emerald earrings from the in-laws) and patent shoes...

Oasis Dress

The last time we were there, they still didn't have much of a cocktail list as they were newly re-opened.  This time we took a good long look at the new menu and found it difficult to choose!  I went for the Sinatra (An exotic mix of peach, passion fruit and apple shaken with Zubrowka Bison Grass vodka and topped with sweet Jeio Prosecco) and Nik had some kind of whisky sour concoction.

Nik's sour drink
My 'Sinatra'

After drinks we went down to the restaurant for dinner and received another glass of Prosecco (included in our deal)! The staff were extremely friendly and likeable, especially the blonde woman, Katie (I think) who escorted us to our seats (and also took great delight in showing us the deli while we waited for our table to be ready).  Everything on the menu sounded delicious, I went for the chicken terrine and Nik went for the pigeon breast to start.  The starters did take a while to come, possibly because the restaurant was busy, but we were quite happy enjoying the atmosphere and chatting over our bubbles.  What really made the difference though was that one of the staff noticed we had been waiting a while and came over to apologise and reassure us that it wouldn't be much longer, then came back when we still had no food after another few minutes and offered us another complimentary glass of Prosecco, not even allowing us time to get annoyed - which we weren't.  It makes such a nice impression to be treated like you are valued in a restaurant and never forgotten about, even if things are a little hectic.

I had already started tucking in before I remembered to take a photo!

The main courses were even more delicious (we did both add salt to our starters as they tasted rather under-seasoned but otherwise lovely) - Nik had the fillet steak and I had the hake.

My hake with kale and tomatoes

Nik's steak

and chips ;)

Wiped clean (with chips!)


Lovely sparkling water
 We managed to squeeze in dessert, I went for the cheese board which was amazing and Nik had the chocolate fondant.

I don't think we could have been happier with our stay (although a bath would have been nice), the staff were lovely, our room was beautiful, spacious and comfy and the food and drinks were amazing!  The breakfast buffet was also very nice, the usual hotel breakfast - nothing special but just what was needed after a night on the fizz!!  We would happily recommend the Grand Central Hotel for a city break and will most definitely visit again!

Tempus Restaurant on UrbanspoonChampagne Central on Urbanspoon

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