Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Dresses I'm loving right now (and more of my healthy diet!)

The fabulous ladies at Any Other Woman are running a few competitions during their re-launch week and today you can win one of my prints AND one of Amy's gorgeous headpieces!  So head on over and read all about Lucy's amazing transformation from Divorce Lawyer to Wedding Photographer and enter the competition!!

So, I am having a bit of a shopaholic moment (I would say I have replaced food with clothes but I am still eating plenty and enjoying it, plus I was always a bit of a shopaholic anyway!) and keep seeing things I like.  Some of which will suit me now and some which make me even more determined to shape up a bit as I know they wouldn't look great on my too squidgy body at the moment!

I love getting the emails I get from a few particular online shops.  It can be dangerous, however, when I am trying to avoid the shops but still see the pretty things in my inbox!  It's even harder when they come with discount codes, leading me to explore the websites (I am a sucker for marketing!)  Just to be clear (Nik and Mum) I haven't actually bought all of these things, I'm just lusting after them!

Here are some of the dresses I have spotted lately that I love...

From Oasis, I did order this but sadly it was far too short so went back
(seems to be sold out now)

Also Oasis

From Coast

From Dorothy Perkins
(also in black and jade)

Hopefully if I can keep up my current health kick, I will feel more confident to wear shorter or more fitted dresses.  I felt really good after my swimming on Monday and am going again on Thursday followed by horse riding!  It's ages since I have been riding and I really miss it.  I might try and make it more of a regular thing if I like these new stables I am going to.  

I know I promised not to bore you with my new keep fit regime every day but I am enjoying my new diet so much I wanted to share a bit more.  Tuesday's food was a success following my late night Asda trip on Monday.  For breakfast I had another of Nik's home-made wholemeal rolls with Quorn sausages, baby portobello mushrooms (they had no normal ones left!) and a fried egg (fried in a non-stick pan with the tiniest drizzle of olive oil which I also swiped around the pan with kitchen roll so it was barely there!)  Unfortunately due to being distracted checking blogs in the morning I was running a little late but rather than give in and take the car to save 5 mins, I wrapped up my roll, filled a paper cup with juice and ate as I walked - maybe not the best start but still, I'm trying! 

Breakfast roll

Snack-wise I didn't have anything in the morning (that I can remember), lunch at 1pm was a chicken salad (as we had no bread or rolls left) made with lettuce, orange pepper, tomato, red onion and strips of pre-cooked Mexican chilli marinated chicken with a tiny drizzle of olive oil - I loved it!  I actually do love this whole new diet, it just takes organisation and a little effort to put things together, I don't hate salads, I just never bothered!  

I made another smoothie for my walk back to work after lunch, this time with frozen blueberries again plus fresh raspberries, melon and orange juice and some frozen tropical fruits I found in the bottom of the freezer mixed with a dollop of yoghurt and blitzed.  In the afternoon I snacked on half a dragon fruit, a packet of quavers and a gherkin at around 3.30pm, followed by a hot smoked (but cold) salmon fillet and a fruit box (apple, strawberries and grapes) at 5pm as I was working late.  Dinner was an M&S fuller for longer beef stroganoff meal (delish!) followed by a peach yoghurt at 8pm.

Dragonfruit - SUCH an amazing colour!!

Walking home today wasn't as much fun as it was raining, cold and dark by the time I finished :(

Me - a little wet but pretty cosy in my parka!
I'm also STILL receiving messages after my post the other night about how I'd been feeling low without really realising until recently what was up with me (or even that I wasn't quite myself!)  The fact it struck a chord with so many others and the support I have received has been wonderful and I am determined to keep up my new healthy lifestyle!  :)  Thanks especially to my Mum and Mum-in Law who both sent me heart-warming comments and are truly appreciated!


Lynky said...

I'm loving the red dress - very flattering style. Also love that pic of you in your parka, it certainly does look cosy.

thebabywife said...

I love that Dotty P dress! *goes off to order*

Bex said...

Ahem, the red one MAY be one I have actually ordered and MAY have arrived today. It MIGHT also be super flattering and the perfect length making me extra glad I MAY have ordered it in black as well. Well at £16 it would be rude not to??!

Glasgow Mummy said...

I love the first green one... fab colour

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