Monday, 5 March 2012

Starting well

I promise not to bore you with my sudden health kick every day (I still have some cake recipes saved up to post anyway) but since I'm feeling good about my first day back at work since my new determination I wanted to share my progress so far, mostly in the hope that it spurs me on to keep going with it since I've shared it for all to see!  Plus, well, it's my blog and I've always written about what things are going on in my life so...

I think the sunshine helped but I have been feeling super positive today!  I walked to work and back - 15 mins x 4 (I come home for lunch).  I had 2 scrambled eggs and a large grilled mushroom for breakfast with some orange juice.  I had a low fat cherry yoghurt at 12pm as I was getting hungry.  At 1.30pm I had a home-made wholemeal roll with home-made tuna mayo (half plain yoghurt/half light mayo with some chilli sauce) and a home-made blueberry smoothie (half fat coconut milk, frozen blueberries, 1 banana and a dollop of plain yoghurt) on my way back to work.  I had a packet of quavers at 3.45 when I was peckish again, followed by some pre-packed fruit sticks (mango, pineapple and melon).  For dinner at 6pm I had the M&S Keralan chicken thing (which was yummy btw!)

I realise this is probably still a lot of calories but at least they're healthy choices rather than a cheesy panini or a bacon & egg roll at 11am, crisps or chocolate or both at 4pm, or sometimes Supernoodles (yes that student favourite!) or a roll (when I'm working 'til 7pm) then a main meal at 8pm or sometimes later!  (My diet wasn't ALWAYS as shocking as that, and I would eat vegetables as well, especially with our evening meals, but would rarely eat fruit and had FAR too much rubbish during the day - probably because I wasn't feeling satisfied at work and wallowed in comfort food!)  I'm hoping all these little changes including doing a lot more exercise will make enough of a difference.  I have also decided to only have alcohol one night a week and to stick to 1-2 glasses of wine when I do.  (I'll be interested to see how long that one lasts!  I do like my wine.)

This evening I didn't want to eat so late so had dinner not long after I got home.  I then found it quite a struggle to motivate myself to go out again to go swimming (which I had been looking forward to all day) once I was comfy on the sofa.  I did though and am so glad!  Thank you to the twitter peeps who shouted at me to go!  ;)  I was aiming to do 30 lengths in 30 mins but was on a bit of a roll so ended up doing 40 in 35 mins.  I think I will sleep well tonight!

Unfortunately I left the pool feeling super hungry and needed to get supplies for breakfast or I would slip back into old habits.  I try to avoid shopping when hungry as it is SO true that I buy more food and more rubbish food as I wander around thinking "oooh I fancy that right now" about pretty much everything I see!  I have been good though and mostly bought a lot of fruit to make some more smoothies and some salad, veg and chicken pieces.  For a snack (by now I was starving and far too awake to try and just go to sleep hungry) I bought a hot smoked salmon fillet which I've just eaten with a handful of lettuce drizzled with balsamic reduction and a pint of soda water (at 10.30pm).  I'm hoping the eat little and often thing works but plan not to eat as late as this again!

I think I will have to be careful with all the fruit I am suddenly eating as it does contain a lot of sugar so is probably not good to stuff myself with.  I don't want to be too pernickety about measuring and counting calories though as I might put myself off completely!

I will post any losses or gains on a Sunday night, again to keep me going as I know I am going to have to share my results with you, t'interweb peeps!  Wish me luck ;)

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Glasgow Mummy said...

Keep up the good work!

My only comments would be to not let yourself get hungry... make sure you are eating little and often so that you avoid feeling hungry because that's when you're likely to grab whatever snacks you can.

As I've said before, you should be avoiding mayonnaise!!!

Think they key is to eat before exercise... for example, on the nights before I have running club I'll have a pasta-based meal. And then in the morning I'll have muesli and fruit an hour or so before running and then a banana when I get home.

Fruit is ok, but not dried fruit. Full of sugar. That's why my personal trainer has said to eat nut & seed muesli as it has limited dried fruit in it.

Other good snacks are a handful of seeds, some sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, a handful of granola, one oatcake, two ricecakes, hummous, a low fat yoghurt (think I'm supposed to have low fat live natural yoghurt) to which I can add fruit and a small amount of agave (sp?) syrup.

Hope that helps?

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